Beth Madland

Beth Madland
Beth Madland started scrapbooking as a child when she made end-of-year albums during junior high and high school. In fact, Beth remembers trading Mrs. Grossman's "stickers by the yard" when she was in 6th grade. But Beth really got involved about five years ago when she walked into her first scrapbook store and discovered the wonderful world of acid free paper and stickers. Beth spent eight years in television news as a reporter, videographer, producer and eventually hosted the number one morning news show in Lexington, Kentucky. On one of her shows, "Let's do Lunch," Beth started producing "Scrapbooking Tips of the Week" in conjunction with a local scrapbook store. Having more fun demonstrating crafts and scrapbooking on TV than covering the latest hard news story, Beth searched for work on a scrapbook TV show and left news behind. When she's not cropping and pasting photos and stickers, Beth enjoys spending time with her new husband, Will and their two big dogs. Beth lives in North Dakota.

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