Donna Dewberry

Donna Dewberry
Donna Dewberry is a native Floridian, wife, and fantastic self-taught painter. She is the mother of seven children and another seven grandchildren as well as the innovative creator of the "One Stroke Painting" technique. She loves a good romance movie, fresh seafood of just about any kind, a good bitter lemon, shoes, children's sports teams (whatever they may be—soccer, basketball, football or cheerleading), her grandchildren, flowers (especially when they are from her husband), the telephone, and of course, the stress-reducing, tension-relieving pastime of decorative painting.

Donna also loves sharing her painting techniques with others. She believes that to expand your horizons, you have to share. Painters of all abilities are encouraged to try her "One Stroke Painting" technique. Through practice, you will soon develop brush control and, according to Donna, that’s the key to great painting. She says to just "relax, practice, and paint, paint, paint."

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