Julie McGuffee

Julie McGuffee
Julie McGuffee has been scrapbooking for over 40 years. She received her own camera at age 11 and has been hooked on photography ever since. Julie loved looking through the albums her father put together and, following his example placed her own photos in albums. Originally from England, Julie has lived in the U.S. for over 25 years with her husband, two children and a succession of dogs. She is also a very talented decorative painter and all-round crafter and has worked in the arts & crafts industry professionally since 1991. She has authored over 30 how-to, arts & crafts and decorative painting books and is a regular columnist for Craftworks magazine. In 1996, Julie, and fellow designer, Jean Kievlan formed their own design services company. When scrapbooking started to gain momentum they worked closely with manufacturers to promote and develop innovative product for this new and exciting market. Julie was also a host of More than Memories for 4 years, a regular guest on Hands on Crafts for Kids which also airs on public television, A.C. Moores’ Crafters Corner, QVC and the guest craft expert on At Home Live with Chuck & Jennie which airs on the Family Net channel. Julie is also a regular contributor to the scrapbooking section of

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