Sue Hausmann

Sue Hausmann
Sue Hausmann, host of America Quilts Creatively and America Sews with Sue Hausemann and senior vice president of education and consumer motivation for VSM Sewing Inc., has been sewing since the day she was big enough to sit at her mother’s machine. Her proficiency in the art of sewing resulted naturally from a lifetime of sewing for herself, her four children and now eight grandchildren. Her teaching expertise equals her sewing ability, and for more than 30 years her profession has focused on sewing education. As senior vice president of education she oversees the education and training programs for consumers as well as retail store owners and their employees. She is also intensely involved with consumer motivation programs and new product development with more than 300 public broadcasting programs and 25 books, including Sew Fast, Faster, Fastest, published by Rodale Press.

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