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Mixing Simple Metal Smithing with Stringing
Designer and author Candie Cooper has a unique lesson on coordinating your jewelry pieces. She creates simple layered earrings and then a knotted necklace. She also shares a tool tip for using a hammer and anvil. Katie's Beading Lesson is about coiled bead bracelets to suit any style.

Using Jigs for Wire Forming
Brenda Schweder is an expert on using jigs for forming wire. She demonstrates how to use a jig, plus new ways to create buckle findings. Katie's Beading Lesson is a stylish color block necklace.

Torch-Fired Enameling
Metal artist Mary Hettmansperger demonstrates torch-fired enameling and how to create three dimensional surfaces. She also shares tips for cutting metal. Then, enjoy an online visit with author and teacher Kate Richbourg from her studio with advice for caring for and cleaning your tools.

Stringing Projects Using Double-Drilled Beads
Author and designer Kristal Wick has some fabulous stringing projects featuring double drilled beads. She shows how to design coordinating necklace and bracelet using double drilled beads. Kristal also has a segment discussing metal clay. Katie shows how to store and organize seed beads.

Get Creative with Resin and Wire
Mixed media artist Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates making faux stones with glass glitter, inclusions and resin, and then she shows cold surface work to mimic enameling on metal. Today's Beading Lesson is on knotting with leather.

Beaded Embellishments for Your Home
Add a touch of glamour to your life. Laura Timmons has rings for your fingers and beaded napkin rings for your table decor. Laura also has tips for adding crystals to fabric. Katie's Beading Lesson is on creating your own beading storage station.

Hammering, Torching and Shaping
Author and metal artist Mary Hettmansperger has some great ideas for hammering, texturing and coloring metal, plus using eyelets and rivets for cold connections. Katie's Beading Lesson is using snap finding to make jewelry quickly and easily.

Mixed Media
Louise McClure is the first designer with a mixed media necklace in her signature look with found objects. The weekly beading lesson with Katie Hacker is 3 ways to finish a jewelry piece. Julia Gerlach presents a Caren Schwartz design - a free form peyote necklace with hardware accents. A new feature for the show will focus on designers with a visit to the bead show - today's interview features Cynthia Rutledge and her unbelievable beaded jewelry. Lastly, Carol Cypher presents her unique felted jewelry.

Opening the show is Tammy Honaman demonstrating beautiful tubular peyote stitch bracelets. The weekly beading lesson with Katie features an easy way to thread seed beads. Beaded, decorated vessels from Wendy Elsworth are demonstrated by Anna Elizabeth Draeger. Lynn Krucke presents the first of two basic clay lessons. Then it's off to the bead show and an interview with June Huber - her specialty is using small beads as building blocks to her design. An added bonus is another interview from the bead show with Laura McCabe about her specialty - peyote stitch.

Returning guest Judy Belcher dazzles viewers with her clay creations - today is contemporary rectangular pendants. Katie's beading lesson is all about sterling silver. Julia Gerlach features beads designed by Kim Otterbein. Next is part 2 of basic clay tips from expert Lynn Krucke. Finally a visit to the bead show with a switch to glass for an interview with artist Nancy Geddes.

Anna Elizabeth Draeger creates a cluster bangle designed by Jennifer Cook. Katie's beading lesson is about the hottest, new jewelry metal - copper - on its own or mixed with gold and silver. Tammy Honaman demonstrates what she terms her "base" bracelet. Katie is back with a crystal necklace with metal accents. The show closes with a segment featuring Anne Mitchell at the bead show demonstrating the correct way to open and close jump rings - especially for making metal jewelry.

Linda Augsburg opens the show creating a corded design by Jane Konkel. Katie Hacker's beading lesson focuses on designing with jump rings. Kristy Walden is back with a Marlynn McNutt design that features cording and knotting, for a piece with lots of texture. Author Jeanne Campbell introduces beaded wedding designs, not just jewelry. Last -a visit with Mark Larue at the bead show - he has a new book and technique to share.

Linda Augsburg presents a metal clay washer bracelet by Lindsay Haedt. The beading lesson is how to choose the right crimp bead or tube with Katie Hacker. Kristy Walden demonstrates her specialty of metal clay and making art clay chain. Then it's off to the bead show and interviews with 2 different designers. First is a visit with artist, Kate McKinnon . And then it's a last look at metal clay with Celie Fago.

In our first segment, Anna Elizabeth Draeger presents a necklace featuring the art glass bead of Stuart Abelman. Then it's a beading lesson with Katie and easy removable clasps. Tammy Honaman incorporates unique glass and dichroic beads in a necklace. At the trade show we visit with Larry Scott - and some truly amazing glass beads. Gail Crosman Moore creates the beads and designs for one of a kind jewelry featuring her spectacular beads. Lastly, it's back to the studio and a visit with Don Schneider for a second feature on making glass beads.

New Materials
Linda Augsburg recreates a Jane Konkel necklace design using rubber washers. Katie, in her bead lesson, has another new idea on how to use rubber tubing. Arbel Shemesh offers a big departure in materials - she explores Bedouin Crochet. Katie Hacker returns with Swarovski crystals as her medium using them in a watch design. The closing segment features Linda Augsburg at the bead show interviewing Stephanie Sersich, a lampwork bead artist with some new ideas.

Linda Augsburg introduces a sea charms necklace and earring set designed by Shannon Reeves. Katie's beading lesson explains everything a beader needs to know about tweezers. Arbel Shemesh has a special segment about turquoise - including lots of information about this naturally beautiful stone and demonstrating how to make a beautiful necklace of turquoise components. Trish McAleer is interviewed at the trade show demonstrating a fascinating metal technique simulating the coils in nature. During a second interview on the show floor we meet Christy Friesen displaying her organic, sculptural art beads.

To open the show, a bangle design made from peyote stitch links by Maiko Kage is presented by Anna Elizabeth Draeger. Katie takes a little departure from bangles in the beading lesson - all a bout bling rings. Kristy Walden offers a very unique interpretation of the bangle bracelet. Katie returns demonstrating a different style bangle bracelet featuring metal slides on memory wire. The last segment features Kevin O'Grady, a favorite glass designer, at the bead show with his amazing bangles.

Long N Lean
Marcy Tilton opens the show demonstrating a long and lean necklace of different shaped turquoise beads. The beading lesson with Katie Hacker focuses on twisted wire. Linda Augsburg recreates a lariat seed bead necklace designed by Andrea Kolasinki Marcinkus. Katie returns with an opera length design featuring crystal. The last segment is off to the bead show and an interview with artist and designer, Barb Switzer

The first segment features a Lea Rose Nowicki design for 3 different earrings presented by Linda Augsburg. Wire wrap basics is the topic for Katie's beading lesson. Louise McClure returns with a chandelier design from one of our favorite designers, Marlynn McNutt. Katie Hacker provides a different view of chandelier earrings- using pre-made design elements and adding crystals. The last stop is the beads show and a visit with Charlotte Dixon of Nguni and an introduction to many designers from South Africa.

Fiber, Felt and Fabric
Marcy Tilton returns to demonstrate a fabric purse embellished with beads. Katie's beading lesson is all about finishing fiber ends. Julia Gerlach has a bead embroidery project on fabric from Laurie Marcum, surrounding cabochons with beaded leaves and vines. Katie Hacker uses flat back crystals for a special jewelry treatment. Kristal Wick, a favorite fiber artist, appears in the last segment from the bead show.

First up is Linda Augsburg, and a scroll link bracelet - we'll be making our own links.Then it's our beading lesson with Katie Hacker. She'll teach us how to make chain using twisted jump rings. Next is Marlynn McNutt with a great chain lariat. Then we have a new special segment with Tammy Honaman- everything you need to know about the different types of findings - today is clasps. Then last up, Katie is back with a beaded chain necklace featuring crystals and crystal connectors.

Linda Peterson is our first designer with techniques for making a clay pendant. Then it's our weekly beading lesson with Katie Hacker -how about trying a seed bead tassel - perfect for a pendant. Next Louise McClure joins us to make a unique pendant. Then Tammy Honaman's featured findings are drops and links. Last up we have a new guest - Cathy Jakicic - now that you've made some great pendants - she'll teach us how to optimize a choker with multiple pendants.

Crystal Vision
First is Katie Hacker with a double needle weave technique on a crystal bracelet. Then Katie is back with a lesson on using pinch bails. Next is Jean Campbell with a spring bracelet featuring a favorite stone- peridot. Then Tammy's finding feature is bead caps and cones. Last up Linda Augsburg has a crystal and pearl necklace made with a 2 needle technique.

Vintage and Reproductions
Linda Augsburg is our first guest with a nod to the glamour days and a jet necklace and bracelet set. Then its time for Katie Hacker and today's beading lesson on the herringbone stitch - it's a design that's been popular for a long time. Next we're joined by Louise McClure - she's going to teach us how to make a mold from vintage pieces. Then charms are the topic of Tammy Honaman's feature on findings. Last up Katie Hacker is back with a multi strand necklace using chandelier components. - a vintage and contemporary look all at the same time.

Up first is Linda Augsburg with a piece that mimics needlework using the peyote stitch. Then Katie Hacker's bead lesson follows our theme with the right angle weave. Next we have a very unique take on a different type of beading pattern from Marlynn Mcnutt - using netting around satin cord. Lastly the featured findings from Tammy Honaman are tubes and bails.

First up Linda Peterson our clay expert, joins us for basic and not so basic clay techniques. Then Katie Hacker features the daisy chain stitch on her beading lesson. Next it's a fascinating look at colorizing clay with pigments, stamps and foil from Tammy Honaman. And right after, Tammy is back with a feature on spacer bars. Last up Linda Augsburg shows us how to transfer images to clay.

First up Cathy Jakicic looks in her crystal ball for a fashion forecast based on her experience as an editor. Then it's today's beading lesson with Katie Hacker and a new trendy technique of weaving solid rings. Next Jean Campbell has what's hot - rings, charms and most of all cuffs. Then join Tammy Honaman for a feature on jump and split rings. Last up we can't forget crystal when we're talking about trends and Katie Hacker has a crystal embellished shell pendant.

Metals and Wire
Our first metal design is metal clay made into charms from Tammy Honaman. Then it's on to wire and macrame techniques from Katie Hacker on today's beading lesson. Next Linda Augsburg has a wire wrapped bracelet. Then it's a lesson on earrings from Tammy Honaman in our finding feature. Last up Mary Hettmansberger joins us for a crystal cone necklace.

Color Story
Up first Linda Augsburg explores different color variations of the same stone in a garnet necklace. Our beading lesson with Katie Hacker is a tutorial on the flat peyote stitch. Next Sherry Serafini shows a gem stone cabochon with a color theme. Then Tammy Honaman's featured finding is chandelier parts. Then the last color story is from Mary Hettsmanberger and copper painted watercolors.

Our first guest is Tammy Honaman - findings are an all important element of this bracelet - or is it a necklace - actually its both. Then learn about round peyote in our beading lesson with Katie Hacker. Next it's Linda Augsburg and a very quick curved tube bracelet -findings are an integral part of this piece. Then it's the weekly findings feature from Tammy Honaman and head and eye pins. Last up Katie Hacker is back with 3 ways to use crystal link findings in a unique way.

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