Chefs of Napa Valley

Chefs of Napa Valley

Donna Scala

Donna Scala opened Bistro Don Giovanni in 1993. Specializing in Rustic Italian and Southern French food, Don Giovanni’s menu is infused with Italian, French and California influences and is best known for serving up straightforward, clean flavors – rustic yet refined.

Hiro and Lissa Doumani

Hiro and Lissa Doumani opened Terra Restaurant in 1988. Terra espouses the couple's philosophy on food, wine and life: to work closely with a network of local producers, to continually explore and create new dishes and to play with daring new wine pairings.

Ken Frank

Ken Frank realized a lifelong dream of owning a restaurant in the Napa Valley when he opened La Toque restaurant in the fall of 1998. La Toque has received widespread critical acclaim and was named as one of the best 20 restaurants in America by Wine Spectator magazine in 2000.

Pilar Sanchez

Pilar Sanchez has co-starred in her own national cooking series called Melting Pot's Mediterranean Table. In 2001, Pilar was appointed Chef de Cuisine at the Culinary Institute of America's Greystone Restaurant.

Sean Knight

Sean Knight started his career working at Patina, the world-renowned restaurant in Los Angeles. Sean then moved to the celebrated Pinot Blanc as executive chef, and under his direction the restaurant has become a destination for many visitors to the wine country.

Todd Humphries

Todd Humphries moved to the Napa Valley in 1999, taking the position of executive chef of the Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant. In 2001, he partnered with restaurateur Pat Kuleto to create the acclaimed Martini House in St. Helena.

Ken Frank - La Toque Restaurant
Ken Frank prepares three traditional French recipes (with his unique Californian twist) as examples of basic French cooking techniques: Salad Forestire, Lobster with Pernod Cream Sauce and Chocolate Espresso Souffle.

Pilar Sanchez - Greystone Restaurant
In an episode devoted entirely to one exotic and complex recipe, Pilar Sanchez introduces us to her unique and creative cuisine. Follow along as she prepares a Greystone favorite: Seared Foie Gras with Mandarin Oranges, Candied Ginger, Sesame Brittle and Buckwheat Crepes - an amazing combination of textures and flavors.

Sean Knight - Pinot Blanc
Sean prepares two of the most popular dishes from his restaurant. An appetizer: Seared Sweet Sea Scallops on Hearts of Palm Salad with a Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette and a main course: Roasted Squab with Foie Gras, Sauteed Root Vegetables, and Roasted Figs drizzled with a Cabernet Sauce.

Todd Humphries - Martini House
Combing the forested hillsides of eastern Napa County in search of wild chanterelle mushrooms, Todd shares one of his favorite pastimes: foraging for his own ingredients. Then, back in the kitchen, he prepares several dishes designed to highlight the subtle flavors of these just-picked delicacies: Wild Mushroom Stock, Wild Mushroom Glaze, and Sauteed Petrale Sole with Sauce Duxelle and Herb Salad.

Hiro Sone & Lissa Doumani - Terra Restaurant
Hiro prepares two of Terra's best-loved recipes. First, he begins with Panzanella (a Tuscan Bread Salad) and then he demonstrates how to skin, bone and fillet a whole salmon in preparation for cooking his signature dish: Grilled Pacific Salmon in Thai Red Curry sauce. ~

Guest Chef - Bob Hurley - Hurley's Restaurant & Bar
Bob demonstrates three menu items from his new Yountville restaurant. First, a wonderful winter meal starter: Butternut Squash and Pear Soup. Second, Bob introduces us to a delightful Portuguese one-pot dish: Cataplana of Mussels and Smoked Andouille Sausage. And finally, a hearty entree of Roasted Pork Loin with a Sweet Potato Flan, Wilted Brussels Sprouts with an Apple, Prune & Armagnac Sauce.

Donna Scala - Bistro Don Giovanni
Donna and her husband Giovanni share recipes from his childhood days in Naples, Italy. They begin with Antipasto di Mamma Concetta - a colorful mixture of roasted peppers, fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella and olives - named after Giovanni's mother. Next, Spaghetti alla Gianni - a typical Neapolitan pasta dish with cauliflower, garlic and cheese. Their meal concludes with Salsice e Rapini - a sausage and broccoli rabe dish - that Giovanni explains is often sold by venders at soccer matches in Italy, much the same way as hotdogs are at baseball games.

Ken Frank - La Toque Restaurant
At his restaurant, Ken and his staff reveal the inner workings of a professional kitchen by following two six-course meals from their initial order through all of the stages of preparation and presentation - a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.

Pilar Sanchez - Greystone Restaurant
Pilar introduces us to her favorite way of eating: tapas or "small plates." To demonstrate this style, she prepares five savory recipes: Carrot & Ginger Shooters, Spanish Boquerones with Fennel, Duck Confit Tostada, Crab Salad on Potato Gaufrette and Piquillo Pepper Stuffed with Oxtail. It's easy to see why these are called " Temptations" on the Greystone menu.

Sean Knight - Pinot Blanc
The episode starts off with a trip to Bellwether Farms for an introduction to cheese making. Then, back to the kitchen where Sean prepares a Grilled Radicchio Salad with Fromage Blanc and a Wild Mushroom Cheese Tart. Lastly, he is joined by Christopher Meeske, the sommelier from the famed Los Angeles restaurant, Patina, for tips on wine and cheese pairing.

Donna Scala - Bistro Don Giovanni
Donna and her executive chef, Scott Warner, affectionately known as the Grande Fromaggio, prepare several dishes from the restaurant's Spring menu: Bistro Backdoor Salad with arugula, spring garlic, prosciutto and a parmesan crisp; Fettuccine alla Lina with porcini mushrooms and pork ragu; and Flaming Fried Vanilla Cream - an amazing dessert!

Todd Humphries - Martini House
This episode is devoted to the technique of braising. First, Todd prepares a Martini House favorite: Braised Veal Cheeks with Celery Root Puree, Glazed Root Vegetables, Port Wine and Truffle Sauce. Then he finishes the meal with an elegant Braised Pear in a Port Wine Reduction Sauce.

Hiro Sone & Lissa Doumani - Terra Restaurant
First, a visit to the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory; then, back in the kitchen, Hiro and Lissa prepare two chocolate dishes together: Sautéed Foie Gras in a Chocolate & Red Wine Sauce and Chocolate Bread Pudding with Sun-Dried Cherries & Crème Fraîche.

French Comfort Food - Ken Frank, La Toque Restaurant
A fabulous slow-cooked winter meal starting with French Onion Soup made with Roquefort cheese and Armagnac, followed by Rutherford Ribs - short ribs braised in red wine and spices, and ending with the ultimate Tarte Tartin (the famous French upside-down apple tart).

Venison - Pilar Sanchez, Greystone Restaurant
With this menu, Pilar has created a meal that gratifies all of the senses: Venison Flank Steak with Porcini & Potato Salad (the steak is topped with a heavenly porcini butter!) and a delightful dessert: Roasted Pineapple "Tostada". This unique combination of flavors will linger long after the dinner is over.

Rustic Italian - Michael Reardon, Tra Vigne Restaurant
Michael Reardon, the new chef at the renowned Tra Vigne Restaurant, prepares two rustic Italian dishes inspired by the season's freshest ingredients: Cream of Fennel Soup - surprisingly light and refreshing, and a Stuffed Loin of Rabbit, with fresh fava beans and a zesty citrus sauce.

Oysters & Clams - Sean Knight, Pinot Blanc Restaurant
Sean visits the Hog Island Oyster Company at the Sonoma County coast to learn all about oyster farming. In the kitchen, he shows us how to prepare a basic Mignonette sauce for Oysters on the Half Shell, a fun and elegant version of a Fried Oyster Po'Boy with Grilled Brioche and Remoulade Sauce, and finally, Steamed Clams in a Pernod Broth.

Caviar & Smoked Fish - Joey Altman, Napa Wine Company
Alicia & Mats Engstrom of the Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Company guide us through the history of domestic caviar farming while Joey prepares three fantastic recipes featuring these delicacies: New Potatoes with Caviar & Chive Creme Fraiche, Carpaccio of Smoked Salmon & Halibut with Roasted Beet and Mandarin Orange Salad, and Potato Pancakes with Smoked Sable, Caviar & Quail Eggs.

Spring Luncheon - Todd Humphries, Martini House
Todd displays his unique style of creating "cuisine of the moment" by preparing two dishes from available fresh ingredients. First, a light and refreshing Tuna Tartare appetizer made with ahi, apples, radishes and capers in a tarragon mustard vinaigrette, followed by an elegant Dungeness Crab & Asparagus Crepe, topped with Hollandaise Sauce.

Black Truffles, Ken Frank - La Toque Restaurant
Ken demystifies this rare and sensuous delicacy using recipes from La Toque's annual truffle menu: Truffled Egg (scrambled egg with minced truffles and lots of butter), Winter Forager Salad (sauted root vegetables in hazelnut oil with shaved truffles), Roast Chicken with Truffle Mashed Potatoes (large thin slices of truffle are placed under the chicken skin before roasting), Truffle Layered Red Hawk Cheese and Truffled Creme Brulee.

Mexican Vegetarian Cuisine - Pilar Sanchez, Greystone Restaurant
Raised in a Catholic family, Pilar learned from an early age to prepare a variety of meatless dishes. Here are two of her favorite vegetarian recipes, inspired by her mother's Friday night meals: Potato & Roasted Garlic Taquitos with Chipotle Salsa and Pumpkin Tamales with Green Mole.

Moroccan Flavors - Cindy Pawlcyn, Mustards Grill & Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen
Cindy and her Chef de Cuisine, Pablo Jacinto, share two dishes from her new restaurant, Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen. The first course is Grilled Shiitakes and Asparagus with Crispy Ginger Butter. The second course is a Moroccan-inspired meal of Spice-Crusted Lemon Chicken with Raisin Couscous and Harissa Butter.

The Art of Pizza-Making - Donna Scala, Bistro Don Giovanni
Donna and her husband, Giovanni, start off by sharing the secrets to making great pizza dough then they prepare three favorite recipes: Grilled Focaccia Bread, Roasted Fig & Gorgonzola Pizza with caramelized onions and prosciutto, and the traditional Margherita Pizza with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella di bufala.

Winter Soups
Bob Hurley, Hurley's Restaurant & Bar; Todd Humphries, Martini House. Bob Hurley prepares his restaurant's most-requested starter, ButternutSquash and Pear Soup - a rich, thick puree garnished with sour cream, sage and strips of prosciutto. Then Todd shares his favorite soup recipe, Cream of Chanterelle Soup which is made with fresh, wild chanterelles, cream, Marsala wine and shallots.

Summer Desserts
Todd Humphries, Martini House; Cindy Pawlcyn, Mustards Grill & Cindy' s Backstreet Kitchen. First, Todd makes a light, summery dessert: Panna Cotta with Strawberries and Hibiscus Sauce - a simple recipe with an exotic sauce made from dried hibiscus flowers, lemon juice and port wine. Next, Cindy Pawlcyn prepares Lemon Buttermilk Pudding with fresh strawberries - a cake-like pudding with a soft, moist interior - a lemon-lover's dream come true

Hiro Sone & Lissa Doumani, Terra Restaurant


Napa Valley is America's mecca for food and wine lovers. It is the country's top culinary destination and California's second largest tourist destination. The Chefs of Napa Valley celebrates the preparation of great food – the simple enhancement of the freshest ingredients. The chefs featured in this series are among the best in America, and the focus is on their skill and creativity – the true secrets to extraordinary meals. The Chefs of Napa Valley is an anthology series designed to bring wine country cuisine into the hearts and kitchens of America’s home chefs. Six of the Valley’s most renowned chefs are co-hosting this program – each appearing in three or more episodes. Serious cooking show fans will appreciate the care taken to guide them through the journey of master chef cooking. Take the combination of world-class chefs, outstanding restaurants and the stunning backdrop of California’s Napa Valley and you have a truly elegant and entertaining cooking series.

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