Jane Butel's Southwestern Kitchen

Jane Butel's Southwestern Kitchen
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Don't Let The Chocolate Fool You
Americans are likely to be cautious at best when they hear that the Salsa Mole (mo-lay) used in meat dishes contains chocolate. The bitter chocolate, which was discovered by the Aztecs in Mexico, blends beautifully with chiles and spices to create a hauntingly delicious taste treat. It's the highlight of a meal that starts with Mexican Style Cream of Corn Soup, followed by the Traditional Chicken Mole, Sweet Rice and Chile Chocolate Ice Cream.


Jane Butel's Southwestern Kitchen is a mouth-watering collection of authentic recipes from the region. Often credited with starting the Tex-Mex mania, Jane Butel pulls together the traditional southwestern combination of Spanish, Mexican, Anglo and Native American cuisine with flair and ease. Featuring traditional family recipes for everything from quesadillas and salsas to chiles and tamales, the series also contains innovative recipes such as duck fajitas with orange-raspberry salsa and margarita pie. Throughout the episodes, Jane provides engaging anecdotes and helpful hints for viewers of all skill levels.

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