Wine, Food & Friends With Karen MacNeil With Cooking Light

Wine, Food & Friends With Karen MacNeil With Cooking Light

Karen MacNeil

A well-known author and teacher, Karen has shared her wine and food knowledge around the world through print, television and in-person appearances. With her husband Dennis, she is the co-owner of Fife Vineyards in Napa Valley.

Pairing Wine with Mexican Food
Three typical American couples take a culinary vacation to Cuernavaca, Mexico to learn about authentic Mexican cooking and the wines that complement it. Karen MacNeil and Chef Ana Isabel Garcia (owner and head chef at La Villa Bonita in Curenavaca) help the students pair wine and Mexican cuisine. MacNeil and Garcia shop at the local outdoor market for fresh ingredients, picnic with the help of Karen's signature sangria and cook and pair wines in Chef Ana's kitchen.

Stocking A Wine Pantry
Karen MacNeil takes an unused corner of a Maryland couple's basement and constructs a simple "wine pantry" stocked with wines to fit their entertainment needs and personal lifestyle. Gene Clouse of Caves de Vins Designs builds shelving, while chef Ann Cashion joins MacNeil to cook her signature roast chicken to complement the couples' favorite wine.

Grilling & Barbecue, Texas-Style
The Saveur Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival in Austin, Texas is the perfect place to learn how wines can complement barbecue and grilled meats. There, Karen MacNeil meets Steven Raichlen, host of Barbecue University With Steven Raichlen, who dispenses tips on grilling the perfect steak. Then, it's on to Cooper's Barbecue, where MacNeil surprises the locals by pairing barbecue with sparkling wine.

Wine Week at the Culinary Institute of America
This episode follows students at Karen MacNeil's week-long seminar on wine tasting at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. The group is a mix of inspired amateurs and restaurant professionals whose progress is charted both in the classroom and at wineries and restaurants throughout the Napa Valley.

Dating & Wine
Three couples go on three first dates on the same night at the Washington, D.C.- area's most romantic restaurant, L'Aurberge Chez Francois. There, Karen MacNeil previews the menu of classic French cuisine with head chef and owner Jacques Haeringer. MacNeil provides the daters with advice on handling restaurant wine lists, ordering and enjoying wine in a restaurant.

Artisan Cheeses
Karen MacNeil goes bi-coastal in search the perfect marriage of wine and artisanal cheeses. In Northern California, she visits Bellwether Farms to sample their hand-made goat cheese, and in New York she stops by the Artisanal Cheese Center and its companion restaurant, the Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro, to pair wines with a variety of special cheeses.

Italian Food & Wine
New York City's Little Italy is the perfect place to pair wine with classic Italian dishes. Karen MacNeil is joined by Lidia Bastianich (host of public television's Lidia's Italian American Kitchen) and thefirst lady of Italian cuisine in New York. She also meets Lou DiPalo, a fifth-generation Italian food importer. Historian Vincent Cannato provides a walking tour of this famous neighborhood, and introduces Karen to New York-style pizza.

Napa Valley Wedding
This episode follows a bride and groom as they prepare to get married in Napa Valley. From the hors d'ouevres to the entrees, the all-important wedding toast and even the wedding cake - MacNeil helps the couple choose the perfect wines to complement each stage of their celebration.

In Quest of Oregon's Pinot Noir
The International Pinot Noir Celebration outside Portland, Oregon has become an annual pilgrimage for lovers of this food-friendly red wine. Karen MacNeil dives into the festival, pairing Pinot Noir with two of Oregon's best-loved foods: fresh grilled salmon and wild mushrooms.

In The Kitchen with Karen
Karen MacNeil invites some of her favorite chefs to her own kitchen, located on the grounds of Fife Vineyards in the Napa Valley. The chefs cook local specialties and pair them with Napa's own wines.

Dessert Wines & Ice Wines
Karen MacNeil teaches three young pastry chef students from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York about dessert wines. Together, they travel to the Inskillen winery and Ice Wine Festival in Ontario, Canada, to sample ice wine and pair various sweet wines with classic American desserts.

Cooking Club
Cooking clubs have become an increasingly popular way to bring people together for an evening of wine, food and fun. In this episode, a Birmingham, Alabama woman hosts an ethnic potluck dinner. She needs Karen to help the group decide on the kinds of wine to buy, how to serve it and how to include some fun wine education in their supper club activities.


Wine, Food & Friends With Karen MacNeil With Cooking Light is the antidote to America’s "wine anxiety." The lively series, hosted by author and wine educator Karen MacNeil, takes a novel approach to pairing great food and wine. In each episode, Karen offers advice on wine and food pairings, set against the backdrop of a real situation or event: a wedding in Napa Valley, a family reunion barbecue in Texas or a picnic in Virginia horse country. Distributed by: American Public Television (APT)

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