Your Brush with Nature

Your Brush with Nature
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Double Fall Oak
Heiner paints a scene which includes two big red leafed Oak trees standing along a lake shoreline. Also included in the scene are water features and a small island. The painting lesson is on fall colors.

Fall River
Heiner paints beautiful fall colors along a river bend in Michigan. Fall colors and water features are highlighted in this lesson.

Winter Bridge
On a very cold winter day, Hertling paints a covered bridge in a winter setting. This is an architectural lesson for more advanced painters. The lesson includes perspective and winter features.

Market Street
Heiner paints the historic Market Street buildings in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Lesson includes architecture and painting outside in a city setting.

Winter Vignette
Hertling paints two Aspen trees in a snow setting, explaining the "vignette" style of painting. The scene includes Aspen trees, snow-covered fence, golden grasses and snow features.

Kiawah Island
Hertling paints on a rainy day in Kiawah Island, just outside Charleston, South Carolina. Painting includes wetlands, grasses, river and the challenges of painting the "lowlands" that stretch from the Carolinas to Florida.

Winter Shoreline
Hertling paints a river shoreline on a very cold winter day. The lesson includes finding colors in winter scenes, water and snow features.

Old Cemetery
Hertling paints a historic old cemetery in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The lesson includes lighting on objects and proper perspective.

Garden Day Lilies 1
Hertling paints a large day lily garden with over 200 varieties of flowers. Scene includes day lilies, foot paths and a garden shed. The lesson covers perspective, color and detail.

Hertling shows viewers how to paint a child model who's sitting next to a backyard pond and waterfall. The lesson includes tips and techniques for painting human models.

Day Lily Still Life
In this episode, Hertling teaches viewers how to paint a still life -in this case a day lily in a vase. The lesson teaches detailing techniques for an "up-close" flower subject.

Hertling paints a maritime scene at a marina on the Detroit River. The scene includes boats, water features and wildlife.

Garden Day Lilies 2
In this episode, Hertling paints a garden that includes day lilies, foot paths and a garden fountain. Hertling teaches color, detail and perspective.

Mountain Stream
Hertling paints a mountain stream in the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest in Tennessee: a beautiful vignette of rushing water, emerald green rocks and lush vegetation.

Pumpkin Patch
It's fall, and what better way to celebrate the season than in a pumpkin patch? Hertling paints thousands of bright orange pumpkins against a fall color background. It's all about the right brushes and color mix.

Fall Meadow
It's fall, and the colors are spectacular in this meadow. This site is also a staging area for horses, so they are all around - what fun! Hertling shows viewers how to paint a fall scene full of color and texture.

Pumpkin Still Life
Hertling sets up in the field: a small still life of pumpkins and grasses. This lesson explains key elements of setting up a still life and the details needed to complete a painting of this type.

Fence Line
Amongst the fall colors, an old rustic fence is the painting's subject. Leading the viewer into the painting with proper perspective, shadow and highlights will enhance any painting or subject matter.

Winter Willow
On a cold, snowy winter day, Hertling paints a weeping willow tree on an island. He shows viewers how to add color to a winter scene and paint water features.

Winter Path
It's 19 degrees F and Hertling is going painting into the snowy woods? Yes. He highlights the importance of being there, feeling the cold, snow and wind to set the mood of the painting.

Winter River
The scene for this painting is set alongside a river in winter. Hertling highlights water features, snow and finding colors in a winter scene.

Pioneer Mill
Down the trail in the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee is a wonderful little mill next to a river. Hertling teaches viewers proper drawing, perspective and architecture. It is a journey into the past.

Horse Barn
Anyone who likes horses, barns and chickens won't want to miss this lesson on architecture and proper perspective. The viewer learns to balance fine details and quick references while painting outdoors.

Mountain Vista
Up, up into the mountains in the Smoky Mountain National Forest in Tennessee, it's obvious why these mountains are called Smoky. This lesson is all about subtle values to create depth in a painting.

Sand Hill Crane
In his studio, Hertling demonstrates how to paint the magnificent sand hill cranes, giving viewers a detailed look at birds and how to draw and paint them.

Chicken Coop
Chickens everywhere! This lesson has it all: proper drawing, perspective, shadows, highlights and, of course, chickens. Using shadows as design elements is also included.


Your Brush With Nature is the direct result of Heiner Hertling’s desire to share his love of the outdoors and artistic abilities with everyone. He envisioned a program that would teach strong academic painting set in a natural environment, enabling him to share his passion and love of art and nature.

Today, this dream is a reality. Heiner’s ability to teach with humor and ease comes across beautifully on screen and is well received by viewers and students alike. Heiner’s talent paired with high-quality videography has created an entertaining and educational how-to program.

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