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Lidia Bastianich

Lidia Bastianich is widely regarded as the "First Lady of Italian cuisine and restaurants in the United States." Lidia is a best-selling author, acclaimed chef and restaurateur and pens the monthly newspaper column entitled Lidia’s Italian Table.

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Gnocchi Sardinian Style (Sardegna)
Sardegna is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood, but there is also the lesser known rustic fare of the hills and mountains. During Lidia's travels inland, she discovered the wonderful homemade pastas of the region including the malloreddus - a loosely formed dumpling-like pasta. She pairs it with a delicious Sausage and Tomato sauce and then invites her grandsons, Miles and Ethan, to help her in the kitchen make a Semolina Pudding with Blueberry Sauce for dessert.

Three Pastas in a Flash (Basilicata)
The fare of this region is pasta, vegetables, mountain cheese, (such as pecorino or provola), lamb, and pork. Uncomplicated, yet complex, flavors reign supreme, and are rolled into every freshly made pasta dish throughout the region. Back at home, Lidia teaches her son, Joe, all about the flavors of Basilicata, laid out in three simple pasta dishes, including a Bucatini with Sausage, Ditalini with Broccoli Rabe, and Rigatoni with lentils.

Sweet and Spicy Calabria (Calabria)
What unique and favorite regional product of Calabria did the Queen of England have delivered regularly to the castle's kitchen? That would be the Tropea onion, a purple torpedo-looking sweet onion that is used to enhance the flavor in much of Calabrian cuisine, and whose healing properties have been promoted since Roman times. When not the Tropea onions, you can surely find the heat from all the peperoncino that is used to add spice to the cuisine, and is found in every household. Lidia prepares some fantastic Calabrian dishes including her Sweet Onion Soup, some Spicy Calamari and for dessert, Sesame Candy.

Conquering Cauliflower (Molise)
This episode focuses on the cruciferous vegetable-the cauliflower-one of Lidia's favorites! Molise, the youngest Italian region, has rich farmlands, and some of the treasures of their agricultural landscape are delicious legumes, broad beans, potatoes, cheese, and cauliflower. In Lidia's kitchen today, she makes Gemelli with Cauliflower - a simple, delicious and healthy dish as well as simple Fresh Pasta Squares with Beans and Bacon.

Light But Luscious
In this episode Lidia travels to Calabria, a region widely known for its variety of peppers. Lidia shows us how to use these peppers, along with red onions, potatoes, and other vegetables to create a Calabrese salad and an Eggplant, Onion, and Potato dish. In addition, Lidia also uses a simple combination of olive oil, lemon, capers, and garlic to create Steamed Swordfish Bagnara Style.

Delicious Crumbs
Lidia travels to Sardegna, the second largest island in the Mediterranean known for its beautiful granite rocks. With the help of her two grandsons, Lidia shows us how to make a delicious baked Fregola Casserole prepared with handmade pasta pearls accompanied by a sauce of pancetta, onion, and plump cherry tomatoes. And who doesn't love a roast lobster - especially with Lidia's homemade breadcrumb topping?

To Cozze Or Not to Cozze
Join Lidia on a visit to the region of Molise, an area well known for its olive oil and fresh fish. Lidia shows us a traditional Molise meal by preparing a delicious fish soup with vegetables and taccozze pasta with sea bass. With a combination of different vegetables, a variety of fish, and of course fresh pasta, you can experience what this wonderful region has to offer.

Pasta By Any Name
In this episode Lidia travels to the region of Abruzzo, where she goes from the highlands to the seashore exploring the beautiful scenery and fresh food. First, she takes us to the mountains to make homemade maccheroni in a meat sauce consisting of pork, plump tomatoes and fresh vegetables. Then we head to the coast, where Chef Fortunato Nicotra of Felidia helps Lidia in the kitchen, as she prepares paccheri with fresh clams, mussels, shrimp, and scallops -and don't forget to add the touch of saffron!

Sardinian Turnovers
Lidia travels to the northeastern part of Sardegna, a region known for its rich, delicious, and simple foods. Join Lidia as she creates a soup filled with Savoy cabbage, provolone, and pecorino cheese. And if that wasn't enough cheese for you, Lidia ends the meal by making a simple but delicious provolone turnover. All you need is dough and cheese, and maybe a drizzle of honey!

Harvest Classics from Liguria
Join Lidia as she travels to Liguria, a region all about fresh herbs and vegetables. Lidia begins by making a simple rice and zucchini crostada with fresh dough and ricotta cheese. She is then joined in the kitchen by Chef Mark Ladner of Del Posto, who helps her make stuffed vegetables by using fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and zucchini, and a refreshing bread salad with summer vegetables.

Potatoes with a Twist
Lidia travels to Basilicata, a small region known for its fish and lots and lots of spicy peppers! Join Lidia in the kitchen as she incorporates these peppers into each dish she creates. Lidia begins by making Spaghetti Alla Ziff, a simple pasta dish with three important ingredients - oil, garlic, and peperoncino. She then cooks up a baccala in a spicy and tangy sauce made with garlic, wine, and peppers. Accompanying this fish are Lidia's zesty potatoes made with garlic and peperoncini. These dishes may look simple, but they sure bring the heat!

Praise The Shepherd
Join Lidia as she travels to the hills of Calabria a region known for peperoncino and onions from the town of Tropea. Lidia begins her journey by creating a Shepherd's Rigatoni with sausage, Parmigiano Reggiano, and basil. She then makes shepherd-style Pork Chops with stuffed fresh figs.

From The Shores of Molise
In this episode Lidia is in Molise, a beautiful region known for its great fishing and fresh seafood. Join Lidia as she helps us experience this region's true culture by making Spaghetti alla Tornola. A pasta dish made with calamari, scallops, and shrimp in an olive oil and garlic sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes. Lidia also makes an octopus sauce with black olives, peperoncino, and lots of onions. For dessert we have fried ricotta balls drizzled with marmalade. So simple, so delicious!

Sardinian Lobster Salad
Lidia travels to the Italian island of Sardegna where she catches fresh lobster for a refreshing salad filled with celery and tomatoes in a light egg dressing. With the help of her son and granddaughter, Lidia cooks up braised cauliflower with onions and olives, along with pasta tossed with a cold tomato mint sauce. Perfect for a hot summer day!

Intoxicating Antioxidant
Lidia travels to Liguria, a region all about flowers, herbs, and lots of vegetables. With the help of her granddaughter Julia, Lidia creates a soup filled with fresh vegetables. Then Lidia's grandson Lorenzo helps make pasta with string beans and potatoes in a fresh pesto sauce. And to finish off the meal, Lidia and Lorenzo make a delicious Cherry Jam Tart.

The Catanzaro in the Chicken
In this episode Lidia travels to Calabria a region with beautiful beaches and rugged mountains. With the help of her son Joe, Lidia creates a baked Cavatapi in a tomato sauce with fresh provolone, as well as Chicken Catanzaro; chicken with homemade stuffing. And to end the meal, Lidia and Joe make tasty almond biscotti.

Casseroling In Sardegna
Join Lidia on the beautiful island of Sardegna, where she uses her three favorite ingredients: tomato, cheese, and eggplant. With the help of her son Joe, Lidia creates a wonderful baked eggplant in tomato sauce and baked eggplant with onions and fresh tomatoes. And for dessert we have a delicious prune torte.

The Liquid Marriage
Witness a marriage of flavors as Lidia travels through the beautiful region of Basilicata, where she makes a traditional wedding soup full of escarole, fennel, and meatballs. And if you love fish, then you will love Lidia's fish soup with monkfish and grouper in a simple garlic and wine broth. Lidia ends the meal by making spaghetti topped with baked cherry tomatoes. A meal every one will love!

Fishing for Tuna In Genova
Join Lidia in Liguria as she makes Green Bean Genova Style to accompny a beautiful tuna cooked Genova style with anchovies and porcini mushrooms. She also makes braised beef in a flavorful sauce of porcini mushrooms, pine nuts, and crushed tomatoes.

Huggable Ligurian Food
In this episode Lidia uses Ligurian nuts to create a fresh spinach salad with pine nuts, Genova style. While in the region, Lidia also makes a German Potato salad with pancetta in a puckery dressing. And for dessert Tanya and Lidia create an Almond Torta with chocolate chips.

The Lamb and the Chestnut Story
In this episode Lidia travels up to the mountains of Abruzzo, where they are known for their hearty foods. Join Lidia as she creates a chestnut and lentil soup with tomato and basil and a hearty leg-of-lamb stuffed with garlic, parsley, cheese, and bread served on top of polenta.

Hot Stuff from Basilicata
In this episode Lidia travels to Basilicata, a region known for its spicy comfort food. Join Lidia as she creates fiery maccheroni, pasta with breadcrumbs and pepperoncino, topped with pecorino and parsley, along with pasta in a pork Ragu sauce. As a side, Lidia makes artichokes and potatoes with fresh vegetables, pancetta, and nutmeg.

Strumming The Pasta
Join Lidia in Abruzzo, where she creates two delicious maccheroni dishes. With the help of Chef Billy Gallagher from Becco, Lidia makes a maccheroni with sliced zucchini, eggs, and saffron and another maccheroni dish with fresh lemon.

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Join Lidia as she travels to Molise, a region known for its pasta making, hearty foods and fresh vegetables. Lidia creates a pasta dish with cavatelli, favas and onions, along with another pasta dish of rigatoni with pork butt, veal, and sausage braised in tomatoes.

Meatloaf Like No Other
Join Lidia as she travels to Le Marche, a region known for its beautiful hills and plentiful roaming sheep. Lidia creates a wonderful meatloaf with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce. For dessert Lidia and Grandma make a delicious Ambrosia dish with wheat berries, fruit, and chocolate.

Hearty But Good
In this episode Lidia travels to Valle D'Aosta a region known for its cheese and dairy. With the help of Chef Cody, from Lidia's Kansas City, Lidia will show you how to make three delicious, hearty recipes. She begins with a simple rice and chestnut dish, followed by a hearty pasta dish of baked penne with fresh mushrooms, and ends the meal with an almond pudding with poached pears.

Apples: Salad, Soup, Dessert
Join Lidia as she travels to Trentino Alto Adige, a beautiful region known for hiking, skiing, and apple picking! In this episode, Lidia makes three wonderful recipes all containing fresh apples. First she begins with an apple and bean soup. Next, joined by her daughter Tanya, she creates a refreshing country salad, with apples and potatoes. And for dessert, it's bread pudding with chunks of apples and apricots.

The Rock of Assisi
In this episode, Lidia travels to Umbria where she creates two appetizing dishes and a delicious desert. She begins by using tomato, celery, and wine to create Strangozzi with veal and chicken liver sauce. She then creates a dish of pork chops with capers, lemon and pepperoncino. And for desert, Lidia makes a strudel with dried fruits and nuts.

Deliciously Vegetarian
In this episode Lidia travels to Emilia Romagna where she creates three wonderful vegetable dishes. She begins by making sweet and sour onions, followed by one of the regions specialties or erbazzone (a vegetable tart), with a delicious squash filling. Lidia's final dish is another erbazzone - this time with Swiss chard filling.

The Delights of Braising
In this episode Lidia travels to Lombardy, a region known for its gorgeous scenery, magnificent lakes and beautiful fashion. Join Lidia as she shows us the beauty of flavor by creating braised cabbage rolls stuffed with sausage and cabbage. Lidia also shows us how to make skillet braised chicken bundles with pestata and bacon.

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Lidia's Italy celebrates the land Lidia Bastianich calls home.

In this series, Lidia journeys throughout Italy to sample and prepare local specialties from Rome, Naples, Padua, Sicily, Trieste and Istria. Back in her kitchen in the United States, the warm and engaging host demonstrates two or three recipes she encountered during her travels.

Throughout the series, friends and family often join Lidia in the kitchen. Her daughter Tanya introduces some of Lidia's favorite hidden cultural treasures, while her son Joseph frequently stops by to discuss regional wines.

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