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Ming Tsai’s love of cooking (and eating) great food was forged early on while working at his parents’ restaurant, Mandarin Kitchen, in Dayton, Ohio. The award-winning chef and author is the host of public television’s Simply Ming.

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Ming uses the unusual combination of curry and vanilla to create the delectable recipes in this episode. The pairing alone is sure to attract curiosity. In the kitchen, Ming prepares a Seared Halibut with Vanilla-Curry Oil, Curry-Vanilla Oyster Stew, and for the delicious finale, a Rum Flambeed Mango Sundae. World-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres joins us as guest chef and brings us to his Manhattan chocolate factory. After a lesson on the behind-the-scenes of chocolate making, Jacques uses our East and West ingredients to create a Bonbon made with Vanilla and Curry.

Soy Sauce/Tomatoes
Have you ever thought of combining Asian cuisine with Italian cuisine? That is exactly what Ming accomplishes in this episode when he uses soy sauce and tomatoes to create Asian Spaghetti, Snapper Americaine en Papillote, and Tomato Carpaccio with Vinegar-SoySyrup. Guest chef Michael Chiarello of Entertaining with Michael Chiarello, and Napastyle infuses his own style into our combination of ingredients when he creates a Spuma di Tonno and Heirloom Tomato "Short Stack" in his beautiful Napa home.

Oyster Sauce/Hen of the Woods
Oyster sauce and Hen of the Woods mushrooms are the ingredients Ming uses for his simple "All-In-One Pot" recipes in this episode. Using these east and west ingredients, Ming crafts a simple Beef, Mushroom and Broccoli Stir Fry. Simplicity is key when Ming demonstrates how to make a Lobster and Hen of the Woods Mushroom Stir-Fry prepared with a wok to lock in the dish's flavor. Very special guest chef (and Ming's Mom!) Iris Tsai visits the studio to make her tasty one-pot Scallop, Mushroom, and Red Pepper Stir Fry.

Soy Sauce/Limesguest
Soy sauce and limes- a piquant combination- is back in the mix as Ming pairs the two for a mouth-watering Roasted Duck with Soy- Lime Syrup and Soy Braised Oxtail with Carrot and Daikon. Ming makes a colorful and nutritious Steamed Arctic Char with Soy-Lime Flash. Guest chef Michael Schlow, co-owner and chef of Boston's Via Matta and Radius, tries his hand at the East and West ingredients, creating a Pan-Seared Swordfish with Corn, Tomato and Lime.

Szechwan Peppercorn/Rum
Adding spice and sweetness to his dishes, Ming uses Szechwan peppercorn and rum as his East and West ingredients this week. In the kitchen, Ming creates Wok Stirred Drunken Shrimp and Mango, and hot hot Szechwan Beef and Peppers. Thinking outside the plate, Ming's latest cocktail creation is Ginger Rum with Numbing Cubes-a zesty drink that'll definitely be a hit at your next party. Guest chef Marcus Samuelsson of New York City's Aquavit, invites us to his home in Harlem where he adds the two East and West elements to create hearty Chicken Stew.

The herb coriander is native to Asia, but has become one of the most widely used herbs in the world. Paired with licorice-scented fennel, you've got an aromatic combination of flavors that are unique in any dish. Ming starts the meal by making Crispy Pita Chips with Fennel Fondue followed by Shaved Fennel Salad with Coriander Crusted Ahi Tuna. Guest chef David Pasternack, seafood expert and author, creates Tuna Crudo with Wild Fennel and Jicama paired with an Oil-Cured Olive Salad.

Shiitakes/Truffle Oil
This week, Ming uses the satisfying, rich combination of shiitakes and truffle oil as his East and West pairings. First up-a sumptuous, seared Kobe Beef with Shiitake-Truffle Sauce. Showing that these two elements have a lighter side, Ming makes a Warm Frisee Salad with Wok Stirred Shiitake-Citrus Vinaigrette. Rounding out the menu is an Italian tradition turned East-West: Chicken Liver Shiitake Crostini. Guest chef Donatella Arpaia, restaurateur and co-owner of David Burke and Donatella in New York City,

Sambal, a spicy Asian condiment, and Dijon mustard, a classic French favorite, are East-West flavors that have found their way into Ming's favorite dishes. Forget your traditional steak sandwich after Ming puts his spin on the favorite with an "All-In-One" creation: Sliced Hanger Steak and Onion Hoagie. Ming also prepares a Spicy Mustard Crab Dip with Shrimp Crackers and Mustard-Crusted Rabbit with Sambal-Garlic Dipping Sauce. Guest chef and Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson invites us to her Napa home where she uses Ming's master pair to create Mussels Dijon.

Fish Sauce/Lemons
One of the main sources of flavor in Southeast Asian cooking is fish sauce with lime. Instead of using limes, Ming pairs fish sauce with lemons to create unique and flavorful dishes. In the kitchen, Ming calls on fish sauce to lend deep flavor to his "All-In-One" Shrimp Scampi. Ming draws inspiration from Blue Ginger's crispy calamari when he prepares a variation on that theme: Crispy Marinated Scallop Coins. Also on the menu are Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Summer Rolls, a delicious spin on the Southeast Asian favorite most commonly prepared with shrimp. Guest chef Michael Psilakis visits the studio to make an appetizing "All-In-One" entree: Shellfish Yiouvetsi.

Lemongrass/Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemongrass is an East ingredient that has a big lemon flavor without the acidity. When paired with Extra Virgin Olive Oil you have a flavor combination that is sure to please the palate. Ming uses lemongrass and EVOO to create two "All-In-One" dishes: Lemongrass Capellini with Clams and Broccoli Rabe, and Lemongrass Marinated Chicken Breasts with Couscous. Rounding out the meal is a simple Arugula Salad with Lemongrass Pecans. Guest Chef Todd English invites us to his NYC apartment where he prepares Olive Oil Braised Lobster with Lemongrass and Charred Corn.

Star Anise/Oranges
Star Anise, the fragrant Chinese spice, and Oranges, one of the most widely consumed fruits in the US, is an aromatic East-West ingredient pairing that proves to be very versatile. Ming prepares "All-In-One" Braised Short Ribs with Root Vegetables and Orange Roasted Squab with Star Anise Orange Syrup. Very special guest chef (and Ming's Mom!) Iris Tsai visits the studio to make her tasty "All-In-One" Red Roasted Pork Belly with Black Mushrooms and Carrots.

Chinese Fermented Black Beans/Butter
The briny pungency of Chinese fermented black beans coupled with the creaminess of butter makes for the perfect East-West pairing. Ming uses these ingredients to make Grilled Rib Eye with Black Bean Compound Butter and Haricot Verts Black Bean-Almondine. Ming also creates an "All-In-One" meal of Wok-Stirred Scallops and Zucchini with Black Beans. Guest chef Hubert Keller, Chef/Owner of Fleur de Lys, welcomes Ming to his San Francisco home where he prepares Steamed Clams and Chives with Fermented Black Bean Sauce.

Tofu, one of the most versatile ingredients in the Eastern world, is paired with the Western basic, parsley, to create three "All-In-One" dishes. In this episode, Ming prepares a healthy Layered Salad with Green Goddess Tofu Dressing and uses firm tofu for a Tofu Greek Salad. Ming also makes a flavorful Crispy Tofu and Parsley-Tomato Lavosh Wrap. Guest chef Ken Oringer, owner of Clio and other Boston restaurants, visits the studio and infuses his style into this East-West pair when he creates an "All-In-One" Malaysian Curry Noodle Hot Pot.

Hoisin and cranberries are the East-West ingredients used to boost flavor in Ming's recipes this week. This pair adds the right balance of sweet and tart to any dish. In the kitchen, Ming uses this master pair to create a bbq sauce that adds an Asian kick to a Southern favorite with his Oven-roasted Pork Ribs. Ming also fixes an "All-In-One" Cranberry-Hoisin-Chicken-Rice, a quick and simple dish that is sure to become a family favorite. Very special guest chef (and Ming's Dad!) Stephen Tsai visits the studio to share his version of a traditional Chinese noodle dish, Ja Jian Mien.

This week, Ming shows us that ginger and cream aren't just for dessert. Ming demonstrates how these two elements can be used in three savory "All-In-One" dishes. Ming prepares Sweet Potato Pot Pie.. .a vegetarian delight! Ming also makes Chicken and Sweet Potato Pot Pie. Leftovers are used to prepare Sweet Potato Ginger Soup. To satisfy his sweet tooth, Ming makes a quick and delectable dessert, Ginger Tapioca Brulee. Guest chef Joanne Weir, host of Joanne Weir's Cooking Class on PBS, invites us to San Francisco where she whips up a delicious Ginger Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Almonds.

Thai Lime Leaves/Shallots
In this episode, Ming's menu consists of the East-West duo Thai lime leaves and shallots. In the kitchen, Ming prepares an "All-In-One" Thai Seafood Soup. In addition to the soup, Ming makes flavorful Lime Leaf Shrimp Satays. Forget the traditional buffalo chicken wings -Ming puts his spin on the tasty favorite when he makes Crispy Chicken Wings with Lime Leaf Shallot Chile Sauce. Guest chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier, chef/owners of Arrows in Ogunquit, ME, visit Ming's kitchen to try their hands at using the East-West ingredients. Clark and Mark create a delicious Crispy Shiitake Mushroom Lime Leaf and Shallot Salad. This recipe is perfected with Mango Lettuce and Lime Shallot Clear Dipping Sauce.

Wasabi and avocado, a mainstay of sushi rolls, are the East-West ingredients worked into Ming's recipes this week. In the kitchen, Ming shares recipes that reflect his former apprenticeship under a great Sushi master in Japan. First up - Ming prepares an enticing Scallop Yakitori with Wasabi-Avocado Dip. He also puts together an easy "All-In-One" dish, Flashed Salmon with Wasabi and Avocado, along with Wasabi-Avocado Ahi Tuna Dome. Finally, Jasper White, chef/owner of Jasper White's Summer Shack, visits the studio to make a delicious Kobe Beef and Lobster Tail with Fresh Wasabi Root, Garlic and Avocado.

Chinese Mustard/Potatoes
This week, Ming adds spice to the average potato by pairing with Chinese mustard for his latest East-West combo. These ingredients provide unique and flavorful recipes that are sure to leave you satisfied. In the kitchen, Ming creates Mustard Roasted Chicken on Potato-Fennel Fondue and Potato-Mustard Crusted Trout, followed by Creamy Mustard Stuffed Potatoes. Guest Gordon Hamersley, chef/owner of Boston's Hamersley's Bistro, tries his hand at the East-West ingredients creating Spicy Shrimp and Potato Salad with Chinese Mustard Greens.

Sesame Oil/Balsamic Vinegar
Sesame Oil and Balsamic vinegar may seem like an unlikely East-West pairing, but Ming shows us how these two ingredients can create both appetizing and distinctive dishes. This time around, Ming makes Sesame-Grilled Eggplant and Red Bell Pepper Carpaccio with Whipped Tofu and Sesame-Crusted Goat Cheese with Cranberry-Balsamic Syrup. Ming also prepares a Sesame Tuna Salade Nicoise. Guest chef Michael Chiarello of Entertaining with Michael Chiarello, and Napastyle invites us to his home in Napa where he creates a flavorful Honey and Balsamic Glazed Salmon Spiral with Sesame Orange Spinach.

Sake/Black Pepper
The clean zing of sake works well with the rich heat of black pepper. These East-West ingredients show their versatility in Ming's recipes. In the kitchen, Ming creates Broiled Black Peppered Sake Marinated Salmon and Zucchini Spaghetti and Sake-Black Pepper Mussels. For something sweet, Ming cooks up a Sake Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Black Pepper Ice Cream, a unique and delicious dessert. Guest chef Frank McClelland, chef/owner of Boston's L'espalier and 2007 James Beard Award Winner, visits the studio to make Kep's Free-For-All Summer Salad using this week's East-West pairing.

Ginger/Dried Cranberries
Ginger and dried cranberries are two flavors that compliment each other well. Ming uses these East-West ingredients to add zest into the meals prepared this week. In the kitchen, Ming makes two easy "All-In-One" entrees. First up - Braised Ginger-Cranberry Duck "Cassoulet" made in a slow-cooker and then one of Ming's favorite dishes, a Cranberry-Turkey Fried Rice. To spice up the traditional chocolate chip cookie, Ming combines the two East-West ingredients to make Ginger-Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies! Guest chef and Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson invites us to her Napa home where she uses Ming's East-West ingredients to create Pork Tenderloin with Pinot Noir Reduction.

Thai Basil/Parmigiano-Reggiano
In this episode, Ming's menu showcases the East-West duo of Thai basil and Parmigiano- Reggiano. The versatility of these ingredients is shown when Ming makes Polenta Satays with Thai Basil Pesto and an "All-In-One" Thai Basil-Shrimp Orzo Risotto. Ming also pairs these dishes with a simple "All-In-One" Tomato-Thai Basil Panzanella Salad. Guest chef Jody Adams of Rialto in Cambridge, MA visits the studio to make Veal Cutlets with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Thai Basil.

Thai Bird Chiles/Maple Syrup
Thai bird chile, the pepper that gives much of Asian cooking its heat, is paired with sweet maple syrup to create Ming's East-West recipes this week. In the kitchen, Ming updates his childhood favorite, Piggies-In-A-Blanket, with a touch of spicy heat. For a flavorful "All-In-One" dish, Ming prepares Pork Belly Claypot. Then, using the East-West pair, Ming creates a delicious dessert, Maple Spice Cake with Maple-Thai Bird Cream. Guest chef Corinne Trang, author and food stylist, visits the studio and infuses her style into the East-West ingredients when she creates Grilled Shrimp with Sweet and Spicy Asian Mango Salsa.

Five Spice/Chocolate
In this episode, Ming uses five-spice powder and chocolate to add an exotic flair to his recipes. Ming uses these East-West ingredients to make Crispy Duck with Five Spice Mole. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Ming prepares a delicious and easy dessert, Chocolate Five Spice Flourless Cake. Then, Ming visits world-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres at his Soho chocolate factory where Jacques uses the East-West ingredients to create a spicy chocolate drink!

Black Lychee Tea/Brown Sugar
This week Ming combines the satisfying flavors of black lychee tea and brown sugar for his recipes. In the kitchen, Ming creatively uses a foil-lined wok as a smoker for his Tea Smoked Brown Sugared Salmon. He also cooks up an appetizing Caramelized Tea-Coated Butterfish with Scallion Couscous, which is followed by a refreshing, cool treat-Black Lychee Tea Granita. Very special guest chef (and Ming's Mom!) Iris Tsai visits the studio to create her tasty "All-In- One" Pan Fried Duck Breast.

Thai Basil/Butter
Savory Thai Basil is combined with smooth, creamy butter for the premiere episode of SIMPLY MING's sixth season. Chef Ming Tsai creates this East-West pairing for three recipes that take Italian food much farther East. First, Ming simplifies dinner with an all-in-one recipe - Sweet Potato Ravioli with Basil-Brown Butter, an easy dish that uses wonton skins for the ravioli shells. Later, Ming travels to Miami, where renowned Chef Michelle Bernstein puts her East-West spin on the key ingredients, cooking up Thai Basil and Butter Prawns. Back in his studio kitchen, Ming dishes out a Creamy Thai Basil Polenta. For dessert, a sweet and savory Thai Basil-Blueberry Crumble combines the East-West duo.

The robust sweet flavor of molasses, a versatile, yet underused, western ingredient, is paired with rich coconut milk for this week's serving of SIMPLY MING. Chef Ming Tsai demonstrates an East-West dish with a hint of sweet and sour from molasses and lime juice - Coconut Braised Chicken with Carrots. In his travels to Chicago, Ming visits Chef Rick Bayless in the test kitchen at Frontera Grill. There, Rick takes the two ingredients and combines them in his dish of Sea Scallops with Roasted Tomato Coconut Cream. Back in the studio kitchen, it's time to cook up some sweets. Ming makes a luscious Coconut Cake with Molasses Frosting and a rich, comforting Molasses-Tapioca Pudding.

The tangy flavors of ponzu from the East and cranberries from the West pack a big punch in this week's SIMPLY MING recipes. In the studio kitchen, Chef Ming Tsai makes a Cranberry Shrimp Ceviche, an easy appetizer that balances citrus with the sweetness of jicama and coconut. Ming combines the ingredient duo in one pot to stir up Fried Duck Tossed in Ponzu-Cranberry Sauce. Then, Ming takes everyone's favorite baby back ribs to a whole new level with his ginger, ponzu and cranberry glazed Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. Later, Ming is joined by Tom Colicchio, who demonstrates his Top Chef skills with a Cranberry-Ponzu Poached Salmon.

Chef Ming Tsai introduces a dynamic East-West duo - the spicy-sweet flavor of ginger combined with the zest of lemons. In the SIMPLY MING studio kitchen, Ginger Lemon Chicken with Ginger Wild Rice proves to be a simplified supper that can be made from start-to-finish in one roasting pan. Next up, an elegant, healthy dish that is sure to please - Steamed Ginger Dover Sole with Lemon-Cucumber Carpaccio. Later, Ming is off to Miami where professional golfer Annika Sorenstam puts the East-West ingredients to work in her Gravlax and Lemon-Fennel Salad. Back in the studio kitchen, Ming cooks up a sweet Ginger-Lemon Semolina cake, a tort so tasty kids will want it as their birthday cake.

Hot Water Dough/Shallots
The simplicity of hot water dough combined with the French ingredient, shallots, makes a delicious combination of East-West flavors for this week's SIMPLY MING dishes. Chef Ming Tsai whips up Shallot Pancakes, his version of the Chinese classic scallion pancakes. For an all-in-one dish, Ming prepares a Bacon Cheeseburger and Shallot Bing that's hard to resist! Putting a spin on one of his favorite childhood foods, Ming uses the East-West flavors to create another all-in-one meal, Shiitake and Shallot Bing. Very special guest chef (and Ming's Mom!) Iris Tsai visits the studio kitchen to make her tasty Pork Stir-Fried Bing.

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What are you having for dinner tonight? If you’re getting tired of the same ingredients, then tune in to Simply Ming, as Emmy Award–winning chef Ming Tsai dishes up easy solutions to having East-West food on the table in almost the same amount of time it takes to order out.

By using one of his simple master recipes to create a variety of meals—either the casual bite or a menu worthy of a dinner party—you can have a flavorful dish in half an hour.

The series furthers Ming’s mission of providing viewers a simple, straightforward approach to mastering East-West cooking. By crafting dishes from the show’s master recipes, anyone can keep dining at more home interesting and fun all week long—whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced chef.

Join Ming Tsai as he shares time-saving tips and mouthwatering recipes, all while helping you make the most of your time in the kitchen.

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