Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh

Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh
Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh #CreateCooking

Laura McIntosh

As host and executive producer of the fun and informative traveling cooking program Bringing it Home with Laura McIntosh, Laura McIntosh is living her dream. Laura shares fun and easy ways to enjoy food at its peak of freshness while, at the same time, educating consumers about the cultural and heritage aspects of where our food comes from.


It’s fresh! Fresh recipe ideas from today’s most innovative chefs, combined with farm-fresh food. Both come straight out of the field, right to your home. The key is the series’ celebrated host, Laura McIntosh. “You’ve heard of MTV’s 'Behind the Music'?,” says Laura. “I see our show as ‘Behind the Food.’” Laura travels throughout the United States and beyond. She takes viewers out to the farms that produce the most abundant and delicious crops. Then she brings them together with culinary wizards that turn this bountiful harvest into fresh, healthy, gourmet meals the whole family will enjoy. The program features recipes and ideas you can bring home. “ You don’t have to spend a day hunting down specialty food stores to find exotic ingredients,” says Laura. “Our recipes are as practical as they are delicious, designed to enhance the food’s natural flavors. We keep it simple so the dishes are fun and easy to prepare.”

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