Beijing, Are You Ready?

Beijing, Are You Ready?
Beijing, Are You Ready? #CreateTravel

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Putting on the Show - The Ceremonies and The Volunteer Army
Chat with the creators of the opening and closing ceremonies: China's biggest show in the last 5000 years. Then, the search for a song of Olympic* proportion....And, find out why volunteering at the Olympics is like wining the lottery. Finally, a candid conversation with some typical college students who are eager to make history...

Having A Blast - Daytime
Daytime Fun Even the most avid sports fan shouldn't miss a visit to Forbidden City - the world's largest palace complex. Then, step back 2,000 years in history...and step up onto the Great Wall of China. And, why should Olympians get all the exercise? Ride a bike through historic neighborhoods, called Hutongs. Also, Panjiauan -- the largest flea market in China...with the crafts of 56 Chinese ethnic groups. Finally, visit this abandoned factory and see the edgiest, most avant-garde art in Beijing.

Having A Blast - Beijing By Night
Sample Chinese delicacies at a 400-foot long buffet Then, chill at The World of Suzie Wong or Buffalo Club. You could also unwind with some classical music...Finally, nighttime fun at Lao She teahouse -where Peking opera and Kung Fu share the same stage.


Find out how Beijing is preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games. Each episode explores how the city and its people are being affected and invigorated by the first-ever Olympic Games held in China. Beijing, Are You Ready? incorporates personal stories—from taxi drivers to students to celebrities—and looks behind-the-scenes to give us a sense of Beijing’s diversity and the growing anticipation of the 2008 Olympics. In addition to exploring the Olympic construction grounds, we will also experience the variety of ways that China's capital city is preparing to host the games and an influx of international visitors. From combating air pollution to shopping, to eating, Beijing, Are You Ready? covers a wide range of topics, incorporating interesting cultural tips throughout. Host Mary Windishar travels to all corners of Beijing to introduce and actively explore each story.

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