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Dining With the Chef

Dining With the Chef

Patrick Harlan

One of the best-known U.S.-born entertainers in Japan, Dining With the Chef co-host Patrick Harlan is an accomplished actor, radio DJ and TV personality.

Rika Yukimasa

Chef Rika Yukimasa, co-host of Dining With the Chef, is a "cooking researcher" who introduces Japanese food culture and shares her own easy-to-make Japanese recipes.

Tatsuo Saito

Dining With the Chef co-host chef Tatsuo Saito runs a cooking school in Tokyo; works in TV, magazines and on the lecture circuit; and is also a prolific author.

Yu Hayami

Born in Japan and raised in Guam and Hawaii, singer/actress Yu Hayami brings her love of good food and fine wine to Dining With the Chef.

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Dining With the Chef introduces the techniques, ingredients and harmony of Japanese cuisine. Host Yu Hayami (a Japanese-born singer and actress) cooks alongside master chef Tatsuo Saito, while co-host Patrick Harlan (an actor, DJ and TV personality) cooks with chef Rika Yukimasa to show viewers how to prepare delicious Japanese dishes at home. Chef Saito demonstrates culinary techniques, explaining ingredients, and arranging food to bring out its distinctive characteristics. Chef Yukimasa introduces Japanese food culture and presents her own easy-to-make Japanese recipes, and offers alternatives to ingredients and tools not easily found in the United States.

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