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Supper Club

Supper Club
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San Francisco, Part One
Join Alvin Leung as he cooks with Chef Michael Mina and rubs shoulders with "Chef to the Chefs" Ken Tominaga and shares their food philosophies. He samples the Marin County Farmers Market's produce with Adam Mali of Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

San Francisco, Part Two
Leung continues his visit to the Bay Area by trading skills with Benu's chef, Corey Lee. He invents a new dish with Adam Mali of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, strolls down Sonoma Valley with winemaker Korbin Ming of Korbin Kameron Winery.

Hong Kong
Join Chef Kevin Ly as he samples the best sweets Hong Kong has to offer. Chef Yves Matthey takes him on a tour of the cake shop of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and visits the China Club to learn how to make one of Hong Kong's most iconic desserts.

Kyoto, Part One
Follow photographer Russel Wong as he captures the beauty of geishas and the mystical bamboo forest in Kyoto. He visits a 500-year-old soba restaurant, meets icons in the restaurant business and samples Kansai-style sushi and wild boar hot pot.

Kyoto, Part Two
Investigate the ritual of brewing sake, a time-honored tradition in Kyoto, with photographer Russel Wong, who fulfills a dream of taking part in an authentic tea ceremony. He ends his journey with Shinichi Takashima and his amazing ceramics.

Join bassist Nathan East to explore Singapore, the "lion city," with Chef Leung. East documents his journey with photographer Russel Wong and jams with music director Max Tu, inspiring the Leung to create his own Singapore Sling.

Watch Chef Leung create his version of a Szechuan dish for his friend, singer Emil Chau Wakin. Follow music director Max Tu as he and Emil work to create new sounds. Emil shares his passion for calligraphy and sings a duet with Leung.


Follow "Demon Chef" Alvin Leung, proprietor of the Michelin three-star Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, as he visits San Francisco-area restaurants. The series also explores the importance of craft and personal vision across the evolving culinary, art and music industries.

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