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Chef Marian Morash celebrates the new year with a sojourn to Italy's Tuscany region to witness the harvesting of one of this country's most important export crops - the olive. There, she meets with Italy' s top growers to learn which olives yield the most flavorful oils for cooking and to discuss the "taste" difference between the traditional wood pressing methods versus the new. Back at the Suburban Garden, host Roger Swain wraps up the holiday season by showing viewers how to plant their living Christmas trees and then begins the new year with a review of the 1996 seed catalogues.

Guest correspondent and noted English horticulturist Adrian Bloom visits The Cellars, a 17th-century plantation and vineyard. Owner Liz McGrath takes Bloom on a guided tour of her beautifully designed "garden rooms" -including a patio enclosed by a border designed by English designer John Brooks and a practice putting green designed by Gary Player. Then, Bloom visits the Cape Point Reserve with Ranger Jim Hallinan. There, on the tip of the Cape of Good Hope, Hallinan introduces Bloom to the astonishing range of indigenous plant life: 5, 800 species in an area the size of Great Britain.

Guest correspondent and renowned English horticulturist Adrian Bloom journeys to the heart of South Africa's famous wine-growing valley, Stellenbosch, to visit the Vergelegen Estate. Framed by the majestic Hottentot Mountains, this famous estate features long garden vistas that include 50-foot perennial borders, 300-year old camphor trees from Japan and a breathtaking white garden. Then, Bloom visits Kirstenbosch, one of the world's great botanical gardens. Situated on the slopes of Cape Town's Table Mountain, the garden contains a unique collection of native southern Africa plants, as well as miles of trails that showcase a variety of ecosystems.

THE VICTORY GARDEN takes a trip to sunny California, revisiting three spectacular locations to showcase some spectacular American gardens. West Coast correspondent Bob Smaus tours the grounds of the famous San Juan Capistrano Mission in California. Later, he visits the residential garden of Carol Macelwe. This modern-day sanctuary, located on the grounds of the former Doheny Estate in Orange County, features eight interwoven garden rooms. The garden is designed to frame a decorative arts-style cottage and to take advantage of seaside views. Then, a visit to Casa Del Herrero near Santa Barbara -which features a citrus grove with more than 150 varieties and a water fountain that wends its way throughout the grounds - stops in every garden room.

THE VICTORY GARDEN revisits three very different American gardens in these favorites from the archives. Correspondent Lucinda Mays visits the Chicago-area garden of landscape designer Craig Bergmann to see the ultimate in small-space design. Then, she travels to Atlanta to tour the beautiful Atlanta Botanic Garden with the renowned Dr. Michael Dirr, one of the world's top authorities on woody plants, and gets his top 10 ornamentals. Guest correspondent Katharine Whiteside visits one of the most beautiful gardens in America: Wave Hill, in the Bronx, New York.

In this episode of THE VICTORY GARDEN: Adrian Bloom visits the Scheinert Gardens, home to some of the most beautifully terraced landscapes and Italian cypresses in southern France. Marian Morash visits a local French restaurant, observing as chefs stuff zuchinni blossoms stuffed with chopped mushrooms and truffles.

International correspondent Adrian Bloom tours the grounds of Grand-Hotel Cap-Ferrat. Internationally known as the place to stay while attending the Cannes Film Festival, this luxurious five-star hotel is equally recognized for its stunning landscape design and subtropical gardens as it is for its cuisine. Chef Marian Morash will introduce viewers to celebrated hotel Chef Jean-Claude Guillon and sample some of his world-renowned creations. Down the road a mile is the recently restored garden and estate Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. Adrian visits the estate which is perched high atop the peninsula of St. Jean Cap Ferrat with sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Explore the seven spectacular garden styles surrounding the villa, including Florentine, Spanish, Lapidary, and French.

International garden correspondent Adrian Bloom travels to the south of France to uncover the mystery of the truffle. In Provence, he meets with Nicholas and Natalie Mirande, who, along with Michel Valayer hunt truffles on their property, St. Restitut. Adrian learns what promotes tthe ideal growing conditions for this delicacy.

Roger Swain demonstrates the proper ways of handling and planting annuals, as well as nurturing the best environment to grow peppers in; meanwhile, Holly Shimizu visits the Louisiana Bayou where back in 1980, an oil spill threatened the waterlife and plantlife surrounding the area. Here, Charles Toups shows her a bamboo garden, pool turned fountain, and a former actor's skillfully built home. Also, Chef Marian prepares a Greek-style radish salad.

Scotland's House of Pitmuies
Adrian Bloom meets Mrs. Marguerite Ogilvie and receives a grand tour of her grand garden, the House of Pitmuies, near Forfar, in Scotland. This exceptional property ranges from the traditional and formal to the wild and naturalized; highlights include some exceptional specimens of Acer griseum (the "paperbark maple"), as well as an ancient "doocot" (dovecote) and wonderful perennial borders. In the nearby village of Forfar, Chef Marian is trying out a local specialty - a popular meat pie known as the "Forfar Bridie." Then, Adrian's back in his native East Anglia, visiting the magnificent East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden, which features dramatic topiary and elegant design.

Tuscany: A Victory Garden "Classic"
While touring Italy, International Correspondent Adrian Bloom meets Enzo Margheriti, owner of Vivai Margheriti, one of the largest nurseries in Italy. There he learns about the latest Italian gardening trends from the source that supplies most of the country. Adrian also visits the Tuscan garden of Paul Gervais, author of the charming novel, "A Garden in Lucca: Finding Paradise in Tuscany." Paul shares with Adrian the story of making a contemporary garden, inspired by and set within the structure of an old, half-abandoned one.

Umbria: A Victory Garden "Classic"
International garden correspondent Adrian Bloom continues his tour of Italian gardens with a visit to the Mediterranean-style home and garden of Englishman John Hill. After spying a beautiful ceramic table in John's garden, Adrian visits its hometown, Deruta, which has been the center of Italian ceramics for centuries. Finally, Chef Marian learns the secrets behind a classic Umbrian fall dish, funghi porcini with homemade pasta, at Palazzo Terranova.

This week, help The Victory Garden celebrate the pure and intense flavor of fruit, fresh from the garden. There is no better expert to lead the way than chef Alice Waters of Berkeley's Chez Panisse, voted 2001's #1 restaurant by Gourmet magazine. Also, host Michael Weishan heads off to Verrill Farms in Concord, Mass., where owner Steve Verrill helps explain the challenges and rewards of growing strawberries.

Planning on a vacation this summer but still want to keep your garden growing? Consider designing a low-maintenance landscape with host Michael Weishan's "Best Bets" for shrubs that require minimum upkeep. Gardening Correspondent Paul Epsom gives his advice on the best tools and tips for watering while away. Also, join us in The Victory Garden kitchen as guest chef Ming Tsai of Boston's Blue Ginger prepares his summer soup, Chilled English Pea-Cucumber Gazpacho.

This week, The Victory Garden's head gardener Kip Anderson shares his creative techniques for the perfect combination of flowers and foliage for abundant container gardens. Then travel with us to New England's premiere wildflower garden, Garden in the Woods, to see how an elaborate bog garden takes shape. Then, get back to basics in your own garden as host Michael Weishan demonstrates how to beat the heat while planting your own bog garden.

Host Michael Weishan shares his tips for selecting and planting vegetables and herbs in containers. Then, THE VICTORY GARDEN travels to Concord, Massachusetts, for a visit to Verrill Farms where owner Steve Verrill shares his secrets for growing some of the state's sweetest corn. Guest chef Chris Schlesinger, author of Let the Flames Begin, is in THE VICTORY GARDEN kitchen to show how to prepare mouthwatering scallops and bacon with summer succotash.

Garden by the Sea
Gardening by the sea has its own unique challenges. Tune-in to The Victory Garden and learn some innovative approaches for planning a shoreline garden as well as tips on tools for water gardening. Then, join renowned guest chef James Walt, of Vancouver, British Columbia's Blue Water Cafe, as he prepares some incredible stuffed zucchini.

Vancouver - Part One
THE VICTORY GARDEN leaps across the continent to Vancouver to take in British Columbia's masterful gardens. Host Michael Weishan visits the beautiful home and garden of TV personality and author Thomas Hobbs. Then, Michael takes a jaunt over to the gorgeous VanDusen Botanical Garden to explore the unique display of botanical relationships, sharing tips that can be applied to any backyard. Finally, there's a visit to the Sooke Harbour House, a sprawling seaside resort with an impressive kitchen garden.

Vancouver - Part Two
Walk amidst the peace and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden this week with The Victory Garden. Host Michael Weishan is back in Vancouver at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, where he observes the majesty and art of bonsai trees. Michael will share the fine points of Feng Shui in the garden - find out how you can add some peace to your own backyard. Then, guest chef Dieu Ho from the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver joins us for a mouth-watering recipe for salmon with fresh lemon verbena.

Bienvenue a Quebec! The Victory Garden saunters to northern Quebec, where host Michael Weishan enjoys spring in full bloom at the exquisite Reford Gardens. Then, Michael visits the Chateau Frontenac rooftop garden for a healthy and delicious recipe with Chef Jean Soulard featuring the freshest of produce. Back at home, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom tackles a challenge for every gardener as he shares some helpful tips in garden storage.

Entrez-vous les jardins de Quebec! Come along with The Victory Garden as guest correspondent Allan Armitage explores the four-season appeal of a private Asian-style home garden in Montreal, an inspired display how shrubs can bring more light into dark places. In addition, Allan tours the remarkable Montreal Botanic Garden for the finest examples of roses. Host Michael Weishan then visits Domaine Joly-De Lotbiniere and shares some best bets from among its diverse population of flora and fauna. Michael then joins renowned chef Jean Soulard to spice things up with a recipe for scallops with cherville at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

Spring In Holland
In a special encore episode, we ask, "What could be better than spring in the Netherlands?" Join The Victory Garden as it goes abroad, coming back with the best tips and ideas for viewers at home. From gorgeous private gardens to hands-on lessons from a designer at the world-famous Keukenhof, Holland is filled with passionate gardeners who'll share their secrets for success with you. You won't want to miss it!

The Netherlands
Get a rare glimpse behind the beautiful facades that line the canals of Amsterdam when The Victory Garden visits two historic homes in the heart of the city and their secret gardens... where we learn that formal design can be easily achieved in a small space. Then, it's over to neighboring Belgium, where we will get some best bets for hedges: plants that lend structure and texture. We'll also visit with a gardener who's beautifully designed garden was created solely for cutting.

Viva Las Vegas!
The 30th anniversary season of The Victory Garden hits it big during this trip to sunny Las Vegas, where the team tackles dry-weather gardening ideas.

Indoor Displays
Celebrate the art of indoor gardening, a growing trend for city dwellers and suburbanites alike. Host Michael Weishan answers the viewer question, "Which palms can work indoors as container plants?" Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers visits the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas to share tips for home arranging for drama with floral designer Hadley Han. Garden correspondent Paul Epsom kicks off this new segment with tried and true techniques for caring for houseplants. Michael is back to introduce this brand-new segment, beginning with a primer on African violets. Paul introduces viewers to a variety of grow lights.

No Water? No Worries!
The Victory Garden shares tips and best bets for smart drought -tolerant gardening. Projects include: Host Michael Weishan visits Las Vegas Water District's Springs Preserve for tips on water-wise gardening. Special gardening correspondent Jamie Durie shares his favorites for dry areas at Huntington Botanic Garden in California. Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers and Kip meet up in the greenhouse for a primer on seed starting and seedling maintenance. Michael joins chef Jasper White for a delicious recipe of spinach and beets. Kip shares his tips for efficient watering.

The Victory Garden tackles the evergreen issue of groundcovers, helping unearth the best choices for your garden. Projects include: Host Michael Weishan explores lawn types and other groundcovers for dry climates at the Las Vegas Water Authority with guest Linn Mills. Gardener Kip Anderson joins Michael to review the many types of mulch and where they belong in the garden. Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers and Kip meet up in the greenhouse to discuss the how-to of seedlings. Sissy heads to the kitchen to whip up a delicious dish featuring eggplant. Michael responds to a viewer's inquiry about the best groundcovers for shade.

Victory Garden Weekend Projects
The Victory Garden shares weekend project ideas to help get the most out of any garden. Projects include: Garden correspondent Paul Epsom and gardener Kip Anderson show how to build and utilize a moveable trellis. Host Michael Weishan shares projects that will attract birds in the garden. Paul gives viewers tips on making an "antique stone" trough for the garden. Michel demonstrates how to create a practical and easy rosemary topiary. Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers gives the inside scoop on drying herbs.

Evergreens and Others
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom finds a shortcut to creating a "bonsai" scene - he uses dwarf conifers. Host Michael Weishan heads to Bilodeaus's tree nursery in Boxborough, MA to show viewers why the perfect time to choose a tree for your garden is when it's in bloom. Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers goes behind the scenes at a large floral design studio in Boston, Winston's Flowers. Special guest correspondent Jamie Durie examines the art of Japanese pruning.

Defining Spaces
Host Michael Weishan demonstrates ways to overcome the challenges of roadside planting. Garden rooms are more popular and stylish than ever; special guest correspondent Jamie Durie shows us why. Gardener Kip Anderson shares his tips on growing onions, without shedding any tears! Lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers heads to the kitchen with Chef Mary Ann Esposito, host of PBS' "Ciao Italia," to create a zuppa di cipolle di Toscano - a divine Tuscan onion soup.

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Victory Garden's Edible Feast takes viewers on a journey across America, traveling from garden to sea, mountains to fields, to learn about fresh local foods and the people who grow and produce them. Hosted by passionate foodie and TV personality Amy Devers, each episode features the work of James Beard Award-winning filmmaker and chef Daniel Klein, who introduces viewers to gardeners, farmers and food producers around the country. Each episode begins with three segments from Klein’s travels, enjoying what Michael Pollan has described as “real food TV, in every sense.” Then it’s back home to the Victory Garden, concluding with a gardening piece with Roger Swain, followed by recipes and garden-to-table cooking with Chef Marian Morash.

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