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Woodwright's Shop

Woodwright's Shop

Roy Underhill

Host of The Woodwright's Shop, Roy's formidable woodworking skills, passion for teaching and irrepressible charm result in part history lesson, part spontaneous entertainment.

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Joiner's Tool Chest (Part 1)
Pack up your tools in this little dovetailed chest of pine.

Joiner's Tool Chest (Part 2)
Finish the chest with a mitered and paneled lid and a tongue-and-groove bottom.

Thomas Jefferson's Bookstand
The sage of Monticello based his five-sided bookstand on designs he found in Paris.

Classical Carving
First lessons in fine furniture carving from Mack Headley, master of the Colonial Williamsburg cabinet shop.

File Philosophy
Master blacksmith Peter Ross shows the technique of cold joining and shaping colonial locks and hinges.

A Very Boring Program
From bits to braces, augers to angle borers and even "boring a square hole." You know the drill!

Lumberjack Fan Carving
A Michigan master of folk carving whittles white cedar fans and birds of a wooden feather.

Animated Wooden Toys
Imagination (and a few strings) makes these carved critters come to life.

Hammer Veneer
Master musical instrument makers show the classical technique of hand cutting and applying fine wood veneer.

Holly Wood Spectacular
Create your own decorative veneer patterns using oval engines, sharp knives and patient perfectionism.

A Viking Tool Chest
Welsh chair bodger Don Weber turns his hand to recreating a medieval tool kit.

Woodworking In Berea
From chair building to instrument making to fine furniture collections, this Kentucky town has woodworking in its blood.

Dovetailed Grease Pot
Walnut and boxwood make a little box with a secret lock to stash the woodworker's pal.

Secrets of the Whirlygig
Grinding forever as his wife cranks the stone, the whirlygig man turns our hand to mechanical toys.

Shaker Rocker Frame
The Shakers were rocking in this classic chair of turned and steam-bent maple.

Shaker Rocker Seat
Traditional Shaker worsted tape in checkerboard patterns makes a sweet seat.

Mary May, Woodcarver
A Charleston woodcarver shows how she creates details of delight.

Wood and Water
Swelling and shrinking, bending and breaking, the worker with wood must be wetness aware!

Steam Power Sawmill
Fired by wood scraps, a giant steam engine drives ancient saws and window sash mills.

Harvard Side Table
With artful arched feet and tenoned trestle top, this Shaker side table stands sturdy and fine.

A Crutch In Time
Strong and resilient, wood has the lively lightness to support a leg when it's lacking.

Hancock Pedestal Table
With its turned top and dovetailed legs, this walnut tripod table is a classic of American design.

Brian Boggs, Chairmaker
An Asheville artisan shows the secrets of the steam-bent green-wood chair

Corner Cupboard - Part 1
Build the frame and panel door of this corner cupboard - an early American classic.

Corner Cupboard - Part 2
Complete your corner cupboard with glass casement doors and molded crown.

Case of the Corner Cupboard
Long splined miters anyone? That's how you join the coffin-like case of this 18th-century corner cupboard. See how to make the special jigs to hand plane this crucial joint with precision and dignity.

Making Marvelous Moldings
You can make any complex molding you want with simple hand planes -just take it one curve at a time. Bill Anderson and Roy show how to flute your pilasters and carve your cornice for this comely corner cupboard.

Mind Over Miter
This butt joint of distinction joins everything from picture frames to crown moldings. Learn all the angles and see how to carefully cut corners as we master the miter box for fitting frames and fine furniture.

The Till in the Tool Chest
We'll delve into the drawers in search of the secret of an old tool chest. The quality of the tools shows that it belonged to a first-class joiner back in the early 1800s, but the dovetail joints break all the rules.

Continuous Arm Rocking Chair - Part 1
Chairmaker Elia Bizzarri joins us to make this elegant and comfortable rocking chair. We'll turn the legs and frame the seat in part one of this American classic.

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One of television's longest-running how-to programs — still hosted by its originator, pioneering woodwright Roy Underhill — embarks on a new season of true DIY woodworking. Using only traditional tools, Roy shows that woodworking doesn't have to be expensive, noisy or dangerous. His insights reveal the enduring relationship between human hand, tools and material.

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