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Barbecue America

Barbecue America

Rick Browne

Rick Browne is a renowned barbecue expert and the author of several cookbooks, including The Big Book of Barbecue Sides and Grilling America. He is an award-winning member of the Society of American Travel Writers, and has written for USA Today and Time magazine.

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Coast-To-Coast Bbq
Rick travels to Woodinville, Washington, for Grilled Pacific Northwest Salmon, and visits the Sea Star Restaurant in Bellevue, Washington, for a lesson in cedar plank cooking. Across the country, a New England seafood bake is capped off with a sailboat excursion. More coastal cuisine's in store when Rick prepares Grilled Mussels and Oysters on the backyard barbecue.

Sydney, Australia - Fish School
Barbecue America goes "Down Under" to attend Sydney's BBQ fish school, visit some incredible waterfront fish markets, and take a bbq cruise of Sydney harbour. Main Recipe: Ahi Tuna.

Detroit, Mi - Ribs & Soul
Learn all about ribs the Detroit-way as Rick visits the "Ribs & Soul Fest" and takes in the inspiring Motown sound downtown. Main Recipe: Beef & Lamb Ribs.

Lynchburg, Tennessee - Gumbo & Gas Grilling
At America's Masters of Barbecue Rick catches an "iron-chef competition" and slurps up some delightful gumbo. Main Recipe: Chicken Wings 3 Ways.

Mt. Hood, Oregon - Duck, Duck, Buffalo
Rick visits a wild game competition and seminar and learns about venison, duck, foie gras, and buffalo. Main recipe: Venison.

Lynchburgh, Tennessee - Passport to Lynchburg
This international invitational event invites teams from around the world to Que up in Tennessee. Rick takes a "bbculinary" tour of the world's bbq teams. Main Recipe: Cola marinated Beef Brisket.

Duncan, British Columbia - Citizen Salmon
At the Quw'utsun Cultural Centre in a small town filled with totem poles, Rick gets a lesson in how the first inhabitants of this island cooked up wild salmon. Main Recipe: Grilled Duck.

Orlando, Florida - See Food by the Sea Shore
Seafood is critically important to the citrus state and Rick shares the secrets of cooking up tender, moist seafood and shellfish. Main Recipe: Three Kinds of Grilled Fish.

Cairns, Australia - Getting Fresh
In the town of Cairns we'll sample fish from the reef, try some aboriginal spices and fruits and stayin a jungle hut. Main Recipe: Cornish Hens.

Christmas, Florida - Gators & Grapefruit
Rick takes viewers to a gator farm, then on a gator search up the St. Johns River, and finally grills up local gator and local fruits. Main recipe: Tequila Chicken.

Cairns, Australia - Exotic Entrees
Set sail for onboard barbecue near the Great Barrier Reef: sample the most exotic grilled entrees on earth at a restaurant that features aboriginal "tucker." Main recipe: Honey Mustard Ribeyes.

Victoria, British Columbia - Oh, Deer
Chefs at a 5-star hotel grill a pear of an oyster recipes, then prepare venison using the world's most expensive spice. Rick's dining experience has unexpected results. Main Recipe: Southern (Canada) Pulled Pork.

Adelaide & Barossa Valley, Australia - Que Shiraz, Shiraz
A visit here takes us into the vineyards and ultramodern winery at Jacob's Creek for a wine and que feast of lamb, seafood, beef, susages, and a lovely Shiraz. Main Recipe: BBQ Prime Rib of Beef.

Kissimmee, Florida - The All American Burger and Dog BBQ
We'll snazzy up the ol' dog and burger, making gourmet versions on an electric grill. Main Recipe: Stuffed Hot Dogs & Bleu Cheese Hamburgers.

Atlanta, Georgia - Fat Matts & Soda Jerk
We'll sample some soul-stirrin' blues, chow down on delectable pork rib bbq and share the history of a certain famous carbonated soft drink, all this after a lesson in indirect cooking rom Mad Dog.

Houston, Texas - Holy Smoke
Confessions of the secret of sinfully good bbq, The Doc heads for the moon continuing the search for the best barbecue, and eats up a mess o' brisket cooked for 24 hours at the president's favorite bbq joint.

Elijay, Georgia - Col. Poole's Hill of Fame
Our "general" addresses the porcine troops, watches some "left wing" chickens meet their fate, and listens to the Colonel tickle the Ivories while he gets his tummy tickled with wonderful ribs.

Natchez, Mississippi - Cotton Pickin' Blues
Down in the Delta, amidst the historic plantations and antebellum mansions, lies a tiny town which gave us Jerry Lee, Mickey, Jimmy and Pee-Wee. There, we'll visit a tiny bbq haven that serves mile-high sandwiches and awesome sweet potato and lemon meringue pies.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama - The Bear and a Dream
"Bear" with us as we flow with the Tide at a restaurant where Rick dreamed they serve ribs - that's all, just ribs. He was also instructed how to wear a glove of armor to defend the realm.

Columbia, South Carolina - Hawg Heaven
Herding the sultans of swine, visiting a bbq join where perspiration is an inspiration, and getting to gobble up mounds fried chicken, hog hash, and tomato pie - not a bad weekend.

Atlanta, Georgia - Two Faces of Que
Rolling through Atlanta we gorge on Caribbean-Texas bbq, discover a saucy 'Que hangout near Georgia Tech, and get sauced by Ole Ray, then take a cultural tour of two unique local, yet internationally known landmarks.

Shreveport, Louisiana - Never Sausage A Thing
Our discovery: a mysterious white rub that transcends, the BBQ Doc as "Lucy" on a sausage assembly line, and a bbq Santa talks about judgment day.

Raleigh, North Carolina - Game Day Vittles
Everyone loves a parade and a tailgate feast with the Wolfpack, we'll sample a world of bbq at the Q Shack, and learn how to fix a "broken" brisket.

Starkville & Tupelo Mississippi - Elvis Has Left The BBQ
Pushing the bbq envelope, the crew discovered Little Dooeys' bbq sundaes and deep fried ribs, then motored into the heart of Elvis country, as the host goes automotive on the Routes of BBQ.

Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta's Burning....Again
Barbecue flames in Atlanta where we found a plane sitting on a bbq roof, drooled over the best side dishes we found anywhere, met a future BBQ Queen and then viewed the last moments of Rhett Butler.

Charlotte, North Carolina - Cat's Be Everywhere
Our crew visits to the Queen City of Charlotte brimming with feline sports teams, and stops at a comedy bbq restaurant that had us in stitches, we'll also take a look at doing a whole hawg, and discover the most unusual tree in the country.

We will talk to NASCAR cook Richard Young, and driver David Stremme. We learn how to do creamy shrimp at the Blues, Brew, and BBQ's Festival in Charlotte and learn how to cook with different kinds of wood.Recipes: Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Bean Pie.

We are going to have the battle of the tailgaters in a Hamburger competition. We will learn how to make champion Salmon on a grill, and talk to "Biker Billy" about his famous BBQ, as well as meet the BBQ Diva herself.Recipes: Babyback ribs, corn and apples.

We will meet a family who goes to 20 races a year, talk to some expert shoulder cookers, as well as learn the secret to peach cobbler. We will talk to a pig farmer about different kinds of meat and learn how to make our own marinades.Recipes: Short ribs and potatoes.

We will visit a BBQ restaurant the does it up Texas style. We will learn the difference between sustainable and unsustainable seafood and why it makes a difference. We'll also take a look at some of the most interesting cookers around.Recipes: Bread Pudding and Sea Scallops.

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In Barbecue America chef Rick Browne continues his quest for America's best barbecue and grilling recipes. Browne leads viewers to the smoky heart and soul of barbecue culture. Barbecue America serves up local history and lore along with mouth-watering and handy how-to tips. Shot entirely on location, each episode features a different barbecue event, festival, cook-off or restaurant. Along the way, viewers discover the people, places, characters and country that make up the fabric of a culture and cuisine that is as colorful as it is delicious.

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