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Master Class at Johnson & Wales

Master Class at Johnson & Wales
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Johnson & Wales chef-instructors take us step-by-step through one of the healthiest cooking methods of all: steaming - perfect for vegetables and delicate proteins such as fish and poultry. Guest cookbook author and renowned chef David Burke from New York City's Park Avenue Cafe joins us for the final class. Steamed Lobster Tails with Ginger Soy Sauce, Salmon and Lemon Thyme Leaves, Poached Chicken with Ratatouille and Orzo.

Bean Cookery
Beans are ancient foods, widely used in many cultures all over the world. With over a thousand varieties, they are high in nutrients and readily absorb a range of flavors, making them fun and tasty to eat. Johnson & Wales chef-instructors demonstrate the proper techniques for bean cookery. Puree of Tuscan Bean Soup and Puree of Split Pea Soup, Red Lentil Salad with Spinach and Golden Raisins, Marble Rye Bread.

Baked Casseroles
Johnson & Wales chef-instructors show why casseroles never go out of style with two great tasting recipes. Final class is a lecture with acclaimed New York chef Michael Lomonaco who's making a mouth-watering braised guinea hen. Roasted Root Vegetable Casserole with Chevre Cheese, Bechamel -Macaroni and Cheese, Braised Guinea Hen with Pancetta and Herbed Polenta.

First Course
Johnson & Wales chef-instructors share a lesson on how to work up an appetite with a couple simple and delectable first courses. Special guest Loren Falsone, of the well-known Boston eatery, Empire Grill, rounds out the menu with an innovative approach to pasta. Grilled Hoisin Chicken Wings and Chicken Satay, Pasta Three Ways.

Grilling Chops
Grilled chops are great for an outdoor party, but seasonings, cooking temperatures and timing are critical for successful results. Then it’s a lesson in making doughnuts, easy to make and difficult to resist.

Healthy Cooking
It's a lesson on healthy and low-fat cooking which doesn't have to be plain, boring, tasteless, and bland. Johnson & Wales chef-instructors confirm this by demonstrating a few tricks on replacing fat with flavor. Grilled Tandoori Style Chicken Breasts, Lamb Kebabs with Cucumber, Lemon, and Yogurt Sauce, Miso Shrimp Udon.

Cooking Vegetables
There's an art to cooking vegetables if you want to bring out the best they have to offer in taste, texture, and healthfulness. Johnson & Wales teaching staff takes us step-by-step through important vegetable cooking techniques to do just that. Grilled Vegetarian Pizza, Vegetarian Lentil Burger. Three Quick Veggie Appetizers: Cabbage Chips, Herbed Farmer's Cheese, Cucumber Salsa.

Cooking with Coffee
Johnson & Wales chefs demonstrate the versatility of cooking with coffee in two mouth-watering recipes, including a delightfully sinful dacquoise, built with layers of meringue and laced with chocolate and coffee. Special guest is Norman Van Aken, award-winning chef and father of New World Cuisine, who is preparing a flavorful curried chicken.Coffee-ROASTED Marinated Chicken Breast on baby; MOCHA DACQUOISE; POULET A LA CREOLE.

Wrapping Meats
Some classics never go out of style, especially when Johnson & Wales chefs are applying their culinary ingenuity. Classic Beef Wellington is transformed with pork tenderloin, shiitake mushrooms and fresh herbs. Then it's a creamy, chicken pot pie made from scratch with chunks of tender chicken and fresh vegetables.Pork Wellington; Homemade Chicken Pot Pie.

Citrus Fruits
Johnson & Wales chef-instructors are cooking with citrus fruits, which are a healthy way to add flavor, color, and texture to recipes. Special guest chef is acclaimed Gordon Hamersley who shares his recipe for one of the most popular recipes from his Boston restaurant, Hamersley's Bistro.ORANGE-MUSTARD CHICKEN; CITRUS-GLAZED GRILLED SALMON; WILD MUSHROOM AND ROASTED GARLIC SANDWICH.

Cooking with Eggs
Chef instructors show how to make French, American, and Basque omelets, along with a foolproof technique for a hollandaise sauce. Guest chef Ed Brown demonstrates a unique method for cooking cod with a recipe from his celebrated New York City restaurant, The Sea Grill.FRENCH, AMERICAN, AND BASQUE OMELETS; BLACK COD POACHED IN OLIVE OIL.

Mushroom Fiesta
Now that interesting and flavorful mushroom varieties are widely available, Johnson & Wales teaching chefs are putting them to work in a number of creative and easy-to-make recipes. Chef Andrew Hoxie makes a versatile mushroom duxelle filling, a great addition to any cook's repertoire.EXOTIC MUSHROOM SALAD WITH GINGER-CHILI DRESSING; ASIAN FLAVORED MUSHROOM SOUP WITH CELLPHANE OODLES.

Asian Noodles
Johnson & Wales chef-instructors show why Asian noodles have become such a rage with two salads that sing with a medley of vegetables and vibrant flavors. Guest chef is Rose Levy Beranbaum, best-selling author and pastry guru, who turns a banana split into an ice cream pie.ASIAN RICE NOODLE SALAD; SOBA NOODLE TUNA SALAD WITH SOY-SESAME DRESSING; BANANA SPLIT PIE.

Cooking with Pasta
It's a lesson in making pasta from scratch with a fool-proof method that is as easy as it is delicious. Then it's a technique for cooking pasta risotto style and topping it with a rich array of seafood. Final class is with the executive chef of Harrah's Entertainment, Bill Barum, who unravels the mystery of Indian cuisine with a tasty dish from Southern India.CANNELLONI ALA ROMAN; SEAFOOD PASTA RISOTTO; PALAK KAJU KEBAB.

Nuts for Cooking
Johnson & Wales chef-instructors demonstrate why nuts are the perfect ingredient to add flavor and crunch to any dish whether cooking a main dish or dessert. Guest chef is Hubert Keller, regarded by many as one of America's top chefs from the acclaimed Fleur de Lys restaurants in San Francisco and Las Vegas.Macadamia-Crusted Chicken with an Onion-Pepper Saute; Caramel-Nut Spring Rolls; EGGPLANT AND ZUCCHINI PIE.

Onions Three Ways
Onions may just be the one ingredient that chefs cannot live without and Johnson & Wales teaching chefs who you why with a classic French onion tart, followed by lamb chops served with a fragrant onion marmalade. Guest chef Cary Neff, a leading chef in the world of spa cuisine, makes an updated version of French onion soup infused with sweet Madeira wine.FRENCH ONION TART; MUSTARD GLAZED LAMB CHOPS WITH POLENTA AND ONION MARMELADE; ONION SOUP NOUVEAU.

A Sardi Special
Guest chef Arthur Schwartz, author of award-winning New York City Food, recreates a New York City classic, Cannelloni # la Sardi's. For dessert, master pastry chef Harry Peemoeller makes a Latin American classic, Tres Leches, a light sponge cake, soaked in three different kinds of milk and topped with a cloud of chantilly cream.Cannelloni a la Sardi's; TRES LECHES.

It's The Cheese
Cheese can be a cook's best friend, adding rich flavor and creaminess to any dish. Today chefs are preparing a jalapeno cheese bread laced with three different kinds of cheese and a stunning pear tart infused with the buttery rich flavor of mascarpone, an Italian favorite.JALAPENO CHEESE BREAD; PEAR AND MASCARPONE TART.

Cooking with Grains
With whole grains an essential part of any healthy diet, chefs demonstrate some dishes that taste so good, you will forget they are healthy, including a mouthwatering soup and a vegetarian burger that can compete with any of its red counterparts. Renowned cookbook author Peter Reinhart shows how easy and fun it is to make crackers from scratch along with creative toppings for them.SCOTTISH BARLEY SOUP; VEGETARIAN BURGER; HEALTHY SNACK CRACKERS

New Creations from Old Bread
Johnson & Wales chefs turn second day bread into first rate offerings, including a famous Italian salad called panzannella and a delicious bread pudding flavored with rum and passion fruit. Guest chef Norman Van Aken makes an Argentinian specialty, Matambre, flank steak rolled and stuffed with some surprise ingredients.Rum Bread Pudding with Passion Fruit Sauce; Panzannella Bread Salad; Matambre

Citrus Fruit Desserts
Johnson & Wales teaching chefs show why magic happens when you combine cream, fruit and cake. First it's a lemon trifle made with a super moist lemon cake, a luxurious topping of whipped cream, and sweet peaches and strawberries. In the second recipe, Chef Harry Peemoeller shows step-by-step how to make a light, airy sponge cake and turns it into an unusual dessert taco.LEMON TRIFLE; ORANGE FLAVORED DESSERT TACO

Cooking with Mustard
Mustard is an easy way to add a great boost of flavor to any dish, especially with the tremendous varieties available in markets today. Today's recipes feature succulent sea bass topped with a panko bread crumb and mustard topping, followed by tender veal medallions doused with a rich mustard and shiitake mushroom sauce. Renowned New York City chef Bill Telepan makes dessert.White Seabass in Mustard Crust;Veal Medallions in A Dijon Mustard, PROSCIUTTO, AND SHIITAKE MUSHROOM SAUCE; PEAR-PECAN HAMANTASHEN

The Magic of Apples
Whether used in a main dish or dessert, apples are a great favorite of chefs. First recipe is a pork tenderloin served with an irresistible apple brandy sauce. For dessert, apples are wrapped in puff pastry with a nut-raisin filling along with a simple, followed by an elegant fruit napoleon that comes together in minutes.PORK TENDERLOIN WITH SHIITAKE MUSHROOM AND CALVADOS SAUCE; APPLES WRAPPED IN PUFF PASTRY; FRUIT NAPOLEAN

Chocolate Fiesta
Chocolate's not just for dessert. On today's episode chefs make a delightful chocolate bread and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate waffles. Dessert is from acclaimed cookbook author Arthur Schwartz who is making a New York city classic: Black-Out Cake, made with dark, moist layers of chocolate, and filled and frosted with shimmery chocolate pudding.CHOCOLATE BREAD; CHOCOLATE WAFFLES; BLACK-OUT CAKE

Cooking with Beer
Chefs demonstrate the power of beer to capture and enhance the flavors of many foods. The first recipe is a beer marinade that both tenderizes and packs punch into skirt steak. Then it's a classic and hearty cheddar cheese-beer soup along with some succulent, deep-fried vegetable tempura made with a beer batter.BEER-MARINATED SKIRT STEAK; CHEDDAR-CHEESE BEER SOUP; VEGETABLE TEMPURA; CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA

Wrap It Up
Bored with sandwiches? Wraps are a great way to put flair into any lunch or dinner menu. Inspired by cuisines from all over the world, chefs today are making Greek style wraps with Mediterranean influences and Asian style wraps. Guest chef is seafood expert Rick Moonen.MEDITERRANEAN SOUVLAKI WITH ROASTED LAMB; RICE PAPER WRAPS WITH GLASS NOODLES AND SPRING VEGETABLES; TUNA TACO

Cooking with Peanut Butter
Love peanut butter? Forget the jelly, pull out the curry and ginger, and get ready for some creamy, irresistible Asian style peanut sauces that complement a variety of foods like grilled meats and noodles. For dessert, peanut butter co-stars with fudge in a stunningly delicious cheesecake. Guest chef is one of America's top chefs, Hubert Keller from the Fleur de Lys restaurants in San Francisco and Las Vegas.Peanut Sauces; Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake; ALSATIAN STUFFED CABBAGE

Pepper Potpourri
Whether stuffed, pureed, or sauteed, different colored peppers are a favorite among chefs and Johnson & Wales chefs demonstrate why with some colorful and delicious recipes. Chef Ed Brown, from New York City's celebrated seafood restaurant, prepares one of his signature dishes.SWEET PEPPER CRAB CAKES WITH RED PEPPER COULIS; Wild Salmon with Roasted Vegetable Relish

Potato Fest
Potato lovers have a lot to choose from as Johnson & Wales chefs transform this humble ingredient into some mouth-watering dishes, including a hearty chowder crowned with lobster and a strudel layered with delicious surprises. Special guest is Gordon Hamersley from Boston's Hamersley's Bistro who takes pot-roasted pork to new levels by infusing it with some very special ingredients.POTATO CORN CHOWDER WITH LOBSTER MEDALLION; POTATO STRUDEL; POT-ROASTED PORK WITH PRUNES, ARMAGNAC, AND ALNUTS

About Salt
Johnson & Wales chefs show why salt is no ordinary ingredient as they create some extraordinary recipes with it. First recipe comes from an age-old Mediterranean custom in which salt is cooked in a case of salt, creating exceptionally succulent, moist meat. Then it's a lesson in brining, a technique that infuses tremendous moisture and flavor into meat and seafood. Final class is with acclaimed guest chef Rick Moonen.Salt-Crusted Chicken; CURED BEEF TENDERLOIN ALA CARPACCIO WITH TRUFFLE OIL; Shrimp and Tilapia Burger with Chipotle Mayonnaise

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These cooking classes were taped on location at the highly prestigious Johnson & Wales University, the largest cooking school in America. Programs include cooking techniques and recipes tailored to home cooks and special demonstrations from numerous renowned guest chefs including Michael Lomonaco, Lidia Bastianich and Jasper White.

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