Ham and Cheese Sincronizadas with Flour Tortillas

from Pati Jinich

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Sincronizadas de Jamon con Queso
Makes 6

12 flour tortillas
Safflower or corn oil, optional
˝ lb Mexican manchego or Chihuahua cheese, monterey jack, muenster, or light cheddar grated
˝ lb or about 6 to 12 slices ham or turkey
Avocado slices, optional
Salsa of your choice

Heat a sauté pan or a comal over medium heat. You may add a light coat of oil to the pan if desired. Top as many tortillas as will fit into the pan or comal with a generous amount of shredded cheese and a slice of ham or turkey. Cover with a second tortilla. Toast until the bottom tortillas begin to achieve a nice tan and some freckles and the cheese begins to melt. Flip over and toast the other side. I like to wait until the cheese oozes out and crisps a little! Transfer to a plate and slice in half or quarters.

Serve with a salsa of your choice and slices of ripe avocado on the side.