Poisson Cru

from Ed Kenney

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Poisson Cru, a ceviche-like raw fish dish, is considered the national dish of Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.

1.5 lbs fresh ahi (tuna)
¾ cup coconut milk (fresh or canned)
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
½ sweet onion, thinly sliced
1 medium sized carrot, shredded
½ a cucumber, seeded and sliced in half moons
¾ cup fresh lime juice (about 5 - 8 small limes)
Salt and pepper to taste
Green onion to garnish

1. Cut the ahi into one inch cubes. Add the fish to a medium size bowl. Pour the lime juice over the fish and mix well so each piece is coated in lime juice. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest in fridge for 20 minutes.
2. After the fish has rested, pour off about half of the excess lime juice. Add the cherry tomatoes, sweet onion, carrot, cucumber and coconut milk and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with sliced green onions. Serve cold. Add your own twist to this recipe by using locally caught varieties of fish. 

Recipe courtesy of Family Ingredients.