Crossing South

Host Jorge Meraz journeys south of the border to explore Mexico's people, vernacular, foods, customs and more. To find these travel treasures, Jorge goes beyond the tourist traps and into the places frequented by the locals.

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Tijuana: Tacos, Horses, Beer and Soccer

Episode #101 · In this pilot episode, Jorge starts off enjoying a selection of true, authentic Mexican tacos. Next we are fascinated to learn about Spanish show horses, and watch Jorge have a turn at "acrobatic" horse exercises. Afterwards Jorge learns about the beer fermenting process and samples fine beverages at TJ (Tijuana) Beer. Lastly, the Professional Tijuana soccer team, the Xoloitzcuintles, give interviews at practice time and a fantastic show at game time to win the championship and catapult into being a first division Mexican team.

Rosarito: Bike Race, Go-Carts, R/C Airplanes, & Fo

Episode #102 · Follow Jorge as we experience the famous Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Race and its colorful riders, including some dressed as knights, brides, and more. Then see the little known and secluded Rincon Tropical getaway with a mini-zoo, go carts, and beautiful scenery. Then follow Jorge as he has a ball at the remote control airplane field. Here we see local aviation enthusiasts maneuver their remote control airplanes like airshow pilots. And finally take a visit to Suzanne's restaurant, an American experience with a foreign flavor. Watch as Jorge goes into the kitchen and tries to make and successfully eat a delicious meal.

Ensenada: Baja 500 & Ziplines

Episode #103 · The internationally famous Baja 500 & Baja 1000 race is quite the event. Jorge takes us to see it and talk to the participants and organizers. These racecars can cost nearly 1 million $ in the trophy truck class. Next we head out to the Las Canadas Campground where Jorge flies high across zip-lines and crosses treacherous hanging bridges on the canopy tour. Then experience the ATV ride on mountain trails. Finally, return back to downtown Ensenada where we learn how to fillet a fish at the famous Ensenada fish market.

Wine Country: Valle De Guadalupe

Episode #104 · In this episode, we'll visit the famous wine country of Baja California. Valle de Guadalupe is just North of Ensenada and is the Napa Valley of Mexico. Visit the harvest festival, wine taste, get to know the wine owners, and learn about the Russian history behind it all.

Skyline, Sweets, Fair & Fancy

Episode #105 · In this episode, we take a look at a famous new skyscraper in Tijuana. The architect explains how it was put together. Host Jorge Meraz then has a ball at the Tijuana Fair riding the rides and eating the foods. Later, a music festival captures our ears as we hear the young TJ locals. And lastly, Jorge cooks with the chef at La Querencia making "Baja Med" cuisine, drinking rattlesnake tequila, and eating freshly hunted wildlife.

Crooner, Tigers, Drinks & Food

Episode #106 · Listen in as the Tijuana Opera company rehearses for their next show. Then we cook and sample food from Mujeres Divinas Restaurant. Next our host visits the Caliente Racetrack and zoo and gets a rare chance to hold a baby tiger. After the tigers, host Jorge explores the hands-on science museum called El Trompo. Lastly, Jorge enjoys a meal at a hole in the wall burrito joint.

San Felipe & Tecate

Episode #107 · Let's visit San Felipe on the inside coast of Baja. See the giant Cactus, drink a margarita, and hang out with the guys at the golf course. Next head northwest to Rancho La Puerta Spa. Voted by Travel and Leisure magazine as the #1 destination spa in the world, we had to check it out. Meet the 86 year old founder Deborah who takes us around. Deborah takes us to the gym and shows off how she can still do the bench press. Jorge receives royal spa treatment and a facial.

Ultralights, Baja Studios, Lobster

Episode #108 · Follow host Jorge Meraz as he takes an incredible ultralight airplane ride high and above Rosarito Beach. Then check out the Famous Baja Studios where they filmed the movie Titanic. It is in fact the largest aquatic studio in the world. Next Jorge has a feast of lobster at Puerto Nuevo, as well as a sample of a few other little edibles.

Turista Libre

Episode #109 · Jorge rides along with tour company Turista Libre. But this is no standard tour, as we soon find out. We go on a Calafia Bus to see what the locals do. The first stop is Mercado Hidalgo which is a large local market in Tijuana. Then we go to Mundo Divertido to ride roller-coasters and other interesting rides.

Zonkeys & Polka

Episode #110 · Let's get to know the Tijuana Professional Basketball team called the "Zonkeys". Watch as Jorge attempts to take on the pro players 1 on 1. We can only imagine what happens. Later, we try a traditional Mexican sandwich called the "Torta". Lastly Jorge hangs out with a quirky gypsy polka band from Tijuana called "Ballenas de Jonas".

Mexicali Zoo & Brew

Episode #111 · Holding birds, and feeding hippos are just some of the interesting things Jorge gets to do at the Mexicali Zoo. You gotta love how you can interact with these animals South of the border. We also sample beer at the Cucapa Brewery, and eat tasty food at Las Campanas restaurant. Lastly, we cool off from the Mexicali heat with a refreshing "Raspado" Ice treat.

Mexicali: Rappel & Baseball

Episode #112 · Jorge is afraid of heights, so wait until you see the look on his face as he faces the task of tossing himself over the side of a 5 story building to rappel down like a swat team in a movie. And if there is one thing to do in Mexicali, it is to sample the amazing Chinese cuisine. Next we hang out with the baseball team "Las Aguilas" and lastly sample some goodies at the Restaurant/Taco stand "Las Brasas Asadero".

Mexicali & San Felipe

Episode #113 · As we move South away from the city of Mexicali, we reach the Hardy River. It is actually the Mexican side of the Colorado River, and we follow Jorge as he takes a boat ride and later Kayaks all around. Then we continue on to San Felipe where we meet the fisherman and take an ocean boat ride. Later we visit the hot springs and sample the tasty seafood available in the region.