Fit 2 Stitch

Host and pattern consultant Peggy Sagers shares her vision for creating a garment that fits perfectly — from pants and sleeves to tank tops and wrap dresses. Fit 2 Stitch concentrates on 3 elements: design, fit, and stitching. Learn the rules of pattern-making and how they apply to making a garment ready for successful stitching. Fit 2 Stitch, and its sister series It's Sew Easy, inspire viewers to make garments that they will love to wear and that fit pefectly. Join Peggy as she ventures into the world of pattern and style for the perfect fit!

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Peggy Sagers

Peggy Sagers

Fit2Stich host Peggy Sagers brings a no-frills approach to home sewing, choosing to focus on classic designs for great-fitting business and casual wardrobes.

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The Bodice and Why Darts are a Woman’s Best Friend

Episode #101 · Learn why darts are an essential clothing design element when creating contemporary fashions.

The Skirt, for All Ages

Episode #102H · Discover how the skirt becomes a simple shaped silhouette to flatter and make the most of all figure types.

The Sleeve. Up, Down and All Around

Episode #103H · Explore how easy sleeves and armholes can be, get them to fit perfectly for style and wear ability.

What Is Great Fit? Lcd

Episode #104H · We define the meaning of fit and how it relates to sewing professional looking garments.

The French Curve, Design Vs. Fit

Episode #105H · Master the use of the French curve and apply it to all of our pattern needs.

Proportions and Sewing Slim

Episode #106H · Learn how adding a belt and some darts can create a slimming silhouette to sewn garments.

Pants - Even Quilter's Need Pants

Episode #107H · Understand how pants patterns are made, then how to change them to flatter and fit properly.

Jeans - Fit to Make You Slim

Episode #108H · Jeans are all the rage, from casual to dressy. Master how to get a proper fit on today's show.

Yoga Pants - Out of the Gym to the Office

Episode #109H · Discover the versatility and fit of yoga pants. Women wear them for more occasions than just exercise class.

Great Ez Sewing Styles for Everyone

Episode #110H · Learn about some wardrobe choices in fitted clothing, with simple patterns that sew quickly and fit well.

Beautiful Fitting Silk Blouses for All

Episode #111H · Learn to understand silk and why making a silk blouse is the best option for today's woman.

One Pattern, An Array of Styles

Episode #112H · Two patterns, lots of different looks. Learn to make your sewing quick, easy and well-fitted.

Sewing Tips That Simplify It All

Episode #113H · Simple factory sewing methods will get you sewing like a profession in no time.

Contemporary Pants

Episode #201H · All pants are not the same! Learn about contemporary options of a lower waistline and contoured waistband.


Episode #202H · Peggy shares the details for fitting the perfect sleeve. She shows how to use garments already in your wardrobe as a start for the perfect fit.

Lcd Again, and Again

Episode #203H · You can never learn too much about LCD - length, circumference and depth - it's time to dig deeper into these concepts. Learn more about the importance of creating a muslin.

Fabric Speaks, Are We Listening?

Episode #204H · Fabric has a story. Peggy interviews a fabric importer from Europe for more insight. Then, she demonstrates how to marry fabric, pattern and body together for a personalized garment.

Dirty Dozen Fitting Issues

Episode #205H · Peggy discusses the twelve items we need to take into account when making garments.

The Perfect Tank

Episode #206H · Your go to garment! Learn how to make it fit perfectly, flatter your figure and make you feel spectacular.

Leather Play

Episode #207H · Peggy shares the secrets of working with leather - don't' be intimidated - it's more forgiving than you ever believed.

Capes Fit for Any Fashion

Episode #208H · Whatever your style - a cape fits for any fashion. Learn how to make this flattering garment to add to your wardrobe.

Zippers, Here, There, Everywhere

Episode #209H · Don't treat your zippers as just a way to hold up your skirt or close your jacket. You're missing one of the most versatile fashion accents - learn all about zippers and how to use them.

Three Patterns, One Wardrobe

Episode #210H · Create an entire wardrobe from just three patterns. Using different fabrics creates totally different looks.

The Wrap Dress

Episode #211H · Learn to make the universally flattering wrap dress. See how easy it is to create this classic addition to your wardrobe.

Sewing Myths

Episode #212H · Get over common sewing myths and start fresh. Peggy discusses ways to create garments faster and more efficiently.

The Skirt

Episode #213H · Peggy interviews a designer and pattern maker. Then, she demonstrates the basics for creating a half circle skirt.

Intro to Sewing Fashion

Episode #301H · What do cars and sewing have in common? Find out today as we begin our introduction to sewing. This season, we'll take you from the start, all the way to fabulous fashion finishes.

A Trip to Europe

Episode #302H · Every trip needs a good map or GPS to get you where you want to go. Fabric expert Mathew Malek, a European fabric expert working in New York City, is our guide on our sewing road trip to Europe.

Have Fun with Fabrics

Episode #303H · Why do you choose a certain car? We all have our favorite make from sporty to classic but most importantly because they are fun to drive! Learn why fabric is the fun vehicle for your sewing journey.

10 All Time Best Sewing Tips

Episode #304H · Pack your bags for your sewing road trip with the 10 all-time best sewing tips to make sewing faster, easier and better.

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