Fly Brother with Ernest White II

Fly Brother is a travel docu-series about friendship and connection around the world, featuring storyteller and explorer Ernest White II. In each half-hour episode, Ernest’s real-life friends show him a city or region from their perspective. With a focus on connecting with the people as well as the place, Fly Brother With Ernest White IIproves that the whole world is our tribe. Each episode explores a common thread that bonds these destinations together, including food, faith, natural elements and culture.

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Ernest White II

Ernest White II

Fly Brother producer and host Ernest White II is a storyteller, explorer and transformational lifestyle designer who has circumnavigated the globe six times.

Sao Paulo: Don't Sleep

Episode #101 · Ernest rides around Brazil's biggest city with his friends, superstar DJ Paulo Pacheco and personal guide Flavia Liz di Paolo. Flavia Liz forcefeeds him chocolate, while Pacheco takes him to a samba school rehearsal to work off the calories.

Tbilisi: The Whole Day Through

Episode #102 · Ernest keeps Georgia on his mind with a food-fueled visit to its modern and medieval capital, Tbilisi, escorted by his friends, writer Amy Gigi Alexander and tour guide Mako Kavtaradze.

Toronto: Pride and Joy

Episode #103 · Ernest tackles North America's most multicultural city during Toronto LGBT Pride celebrations along with his friends, travel maven Oneika Raymond and celebrated chef John Lee.

Ovamboland: Northern Exposure

Episode #104 · Accompanied by his tour guide Job, Ernest heads to the north of Namibia and meets a king, is entertained by village storytellers, and learns about the culture of a place most visitors to the country never experience.

Stockholm: Le Jazz Hot

Episode #105 · Ernest takes in a little Nordic sun and soul with American chanteuse Germaine Thomas and literally eats fire with friend, educator, and community organizer Martin Ingerby.

Mumbai: Liquid Abundanc

Episode #106 · Ernest takes to the rickshaws through the streets of Mumbai during the monsoon-soaked Ganesh Festival with his local friends, journalist Adele de Penha and choreographer Hrishikesh Pawar.

Addis Ababa: Coffee and Faith

Episode #107 · Ernest travels to the mountain capital of Ethiopia for the beautiful and elaborate Epiphany Festival in one of the world's oldest Christian societies, escorted by his friend, culture creator Heran Abate.

Tajikistan: Crown of the World

Episode #108 · Ernest experiences the natural beauty of the country and the natural warmth of the people, as his friends, tour guide Mohammed Istam and rock climber/ media maven Nigina Kudratova, show what makes Tajikistan so special.

Cape Town: The City Beautiful

Episode #109 · Amid good food and belly laughs, Ernest explores the spectacular natural and urban beauty of Cape Town, South Africa, by car with his road dog, Charlie Walters.

Double Feature: Bogota and Casablanca

Episode #110 · Ernest hangs out in Colombia's capital city with his bud, telenovela heartthrob Roberto Manrique. Then, it's on to Morocco's most underrated city, replete with a range of delicious delights, as guided by his friends, Omar Wydadi and Thierry Kabeya.