Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art

Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art is a "how-to painting show, based on the format of a fine art curriculum. What makes this program stand out from all the others is that it will take the viewer to many different levels of instruction. These areas would include: Preparing materials [canvas, paper, etc.]; use of brushes; color mixing; research; composition; design/perspective; beginner; intermediate, and advanced painting techniques, framing, marketing, and promoting your work. This will be a comprehensive study of all the aspects of an artist's life.

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Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell

Author of 12 books and hundreds of TV shows and DVDs on painting instruction, Jerry Yarnell is an internationally known wildlife, western, and landscape artist and winner of 150 national awards.

The Rain Out, Part 1

Episode #801 · Series begins with a new acrylic painting, The Rain Out. Jerry sketches in the basic landscape and begins blocking in the background. The focus is on composition and establishing a focal point. The next three episodes will take you systematically through this painting.

The Rain Out, Part 2

Episode #802 · The episode begins by adding intermediate landscape details; trees, dirt road, clouds, mud puddles, and rocks.

The Rain Out, Part 3

Episode #803 · This show begins by sketching in a house and the little boy. Jerry blocks in the house, adding highlights and details. He also demonstrates the mixing of flesh colors.

The Rain Out, Part 4

Episode #804 · Jerry adds the final details to this nostalgic painting. Layers of highlights will be added to create three-dimensional form to the little boy.

Fire & Rain, Part 1

Episode #805 · This show begins a new acrylic painting Fire & Rain. Jerry begins a new western theme painting that will focus on setting the atmosphere of a stormy weather scene. The next three episodes will take you through the different stages of this western painting.

Fire & Rain, Part 2

Episode #806 · In this episode, the focus will be on creating rain and mud puddles. Jerry will establish the focal point of the campfire and cowboys.

Fire & Rain, Part 3

Episode #807 · Special emphasis on blocking in the horses and cowboys. Jerry will demonstrate how to create a three- dimensional form.

Fire & Rain, Part 4

Episode #808 · Jerry concludes this painting by adding yucca plants, detailing the cowboys and horses, and all other final highlights to complete this western painting.

Maple Valley, Part 1

Episode #809 · This episode will begin a new acrylic painting, Maple Valley. Jerry will discuss how to use thumbnail sketches to compose a painting and how to use reference materials. Jerry sketches the basic landscape and begins blocking in the background. The next four episodes will take you through the different stages of this painting.

Maple Valley, Part 2

Episode #810 · Jerry continues to block in this New England landscape painting. Emphasis on establishing a color scheme and composition.

Maple Valley, Part 3

Episode #811 · Jerry continues adding intermediate details; trees, moving water, rocks, reflections, and eye stoppers.

Maple Valley, Part 4

Episode #812 · Jerry begins highlighting the hillside, forming the bare trees with colorful foliage. Emphasis on detailing the old farm house.

Maple Valley, Part 5

Episode #813 · Jerry focuses on adding brighter highlights and details to complete this New England landscape painting.