The Highpointers with the Bargo Brothers

The Highpointers with the Bargo Brothers follows two adventurous brothers from Texas as they explore the United States by climbing the highest point in all 50 states. The challenge varies from state to state - from big technical peaks like Mount Rainier in Washington - to small hills on private property like Driskill Mountain in Louisiana. In each state, they invite local experts and some of the most interesting people to join them as they discover the best that each state has to offer, from the cities to the countryside.
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Branndon Bargo

Branndon Bargo

Branndon Bargo and his younger brother Greg were the world’s first to climb Mount McKinley then bike 4,000 miles self-supported to Baja Mexico and scuba dive with great white sharks in their Summit-to-Sea Expedition.

Greg Bargo

Greg Bargo

Greg Bargo is the younger half of the Bargo Brothers, often leading climbs and challenging his older brother Branndon in the world's toughest competitions.


Episode #101 · The Bargo Brothers travel from sea to summit on their trip to Virginia. They start their trip with a walk along the boardwalk of Virginia Beach. They meet their local guest, Don Mann, former Seal Team 6 member and instructor. He takes them to the Navy Seal monument and takes them through an obstacle course. The brothers head to Richmond for a quick stop off at the American Civil War Museum, and then complete the day with a stop off for some down- home cooking at The Homeplace restaurant. They meet back up with Don Mann to climb Mt. Rogers, the highpoint of Virginia.


Episode #102 · The Bargo brothers visit the great state of Texas as they make their way to Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas. They start their trip off with a behind-the-scenes tour of Johnson Space Center where they meet their guest, Astronaut Scott Parazynski-the only person on the planet to summit Mt. Everest and visit space. The brothers then make their way west, making stops along the way including a visit to the colorful Mi Tierra restaurant in San Antonio. They continue on to McDonald Observatory to get an adventurous perspective of the massive telescopes with their good friend and telescope engineer, Emily Mrozinski. They finish off their trip to the Lone Star state with a scenic climb up the Texas highpoint with Dr. Scott Parazynski.

New Hampshire

Episode #103 · The Bargo brothers visit the highpoint of New Hampshire - Mt. Washington. They make their way from south to north through the Granite State with local guest, adventure filmmaker and Mt. Everest veteran, Thom Pollard. Along the way, they visit the Robert Frost Farm outside of Manchester, then head to Laconia for a visit to the American Classic Arcade Museum. They meet up with Thom for breakfast at the Sunrise Shack and then finish with a hike to the top of New Hampshire.


Episode #104 · The Bargo brothers visit the highpoint of Louisiana - Driskell Mountain. They take in the Blues down by the bayou as they travel across the Pelican state with local guest, Took Osbourne, CEO of Tabasco. They visit the House of Blues in New Orleans, then head to the Tabasco factory to walk the grounds of Avery Island with Took. They continue north to Natchitoches for a paddleboat ride to see the Christmas lights on the cane river. They finish up with a hike, taking Took to the top of Louisiana in a unique way.


Episode #105 · The Bargo brothers visit the highpoint of Colorado - Mt. Elbert. They visit the Centennial state in winter with local guest, legendary endurance athlete, and ultra-marathoner, Marshall Ulrich. They visit the American Mountaineering Museum in Golden then head to Vail for ice climbing with Everest climber, Eric Alexander. They continue west to Leadville and stop off at High Mountain Pies to eat with Marshall. They finish up with an epic winter hike with Marshall in minus 40 temperatures to the top of Colorado.